When Gossip Is A Virtue

Time to give gossip the credit it deserves!


In the same way that most the fine folks here at After the Hype consume comic books and graphic novels, I devour celebrity gossip. No, I’m not talking about misogynistic trash like TMZ, I’m talking about the groups of women who have been writing under the guise of fashion, fame, and who’s dating whom as a means of sharing information and dissecting popular culture. This used to be my guilty pleasure, but in the wake of #MeToo and #TimesUp, in which whisper networks fueled by entertainment rumours and musing grew to a shout, gossip is finally getting the credit it deserves.

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Frisky Dingo: The Best Show You Never Watched

If I were to say to you, “People let me tell you about my new best friend, BARNABY JONES!” How would you reply?


Most of you would look at me oddly and move on with your lives.  A very small number of people would scream NAP at me.  These people are my people.  They get me.  These are people who have spent the 4 hours experiencing one of my all time favorite shows of all time Frisky Dingo.  Frisky Dingo is a show from 2006 that was canceled after it’s second season, and really no one cared.  I was right there the whole time, loving every second of it, and was truly heart broken when it went away.  I’m going to explain why you should start up your Hulu account right now and dive into the this wonderful show as soon as humanly possible, and take a few guesses at why it went the way of Ronnie under a huge pair of pants.


bye Ronnie…



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Diversity in Pop Culture is What Will Save Us

It’s time to invest in stories from different perspectives!


A few months ago, I sat on a fan filmmaking panel at a small fan convention. I proposed the panel and moderated it. The other panelists were a young man/woman filmmaking team who regularly produced content, and an older white man who had made one fan film in the ‘80s. The other woman and I offered the most practical advice, and ended up doing most of the talking (this was a situation where the moderator is one of the panelists, not an outside interviewer), and providing what I feel is a pretty valuable list of advice to new filmmakers interested in making fan films.


Yet when the door opened and the young convention volunteer came in to tell us we had five minutes left, he looked at the old white guy and waited for his approval. I kept nodding at him, then waved at him, then finally had to verbally interrupt a point the other woman was making to say THANK YOU to the volunteer before he realized that I was leading the panel and I got his message. It had never occurred to him that the only old white man on the stage was not in charge of the panel.

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On Quitting

We need to take a step back and look at why we love the things we love.


This past weekend, I watched Hannah Gadsby’s comedy special, “Nanette,” on Netflix. It was a revelation. Or perhaps it’s more accurate to say her words confirmed and shaped some things that had been percolating at the edges of my subconscious for the last several years. In the special, which you should absolutely watch if you have not yet, Gadsby talks about why she is quitting comedy, how jokes are only two parts — setup and punchline — and not a whole story. Essentially, she says comedians create tensions through their setups so that the punchlines can break it, and she no longer wants to create tension. She wishes to instead create connection. Rather than use comedy to obfuscate her painful past, she tells the rest of the stories that inspired her funniest bits, and the humor goes away, but something so much deeper remains.


This week, I had meant to write about why I have quit consuming and engaging with so much of nerd culture in recent years. And while I cannot make quite so eloquent a connection as Hannah Gadsby with the two parts versus a whole story metaphor, I can say that I think it’s to do with how mistaking engaging with pop culture the same as engaging with and influencing our communities.

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It’s Time To Bury Our Firsts

We have a hard time letting go of our childhood favorites, and we’re worse off for it.


My geek and nerd history is filled with some wonderful firsts. The first time I saw Star Wars, sitting in front of a small TV watching the trilogy back to back on cable. Seeing Indiana Jones get chased by the boulder through the decrepit ruins for the first time. Witnessing The Delorean’s maiden voyage into the past. Seeing how far down the rabbit hole went in The Matrix. Experiencing Middle Earth for the first time, and then seeing it adapted for the screen. Discovering that Cowboy Bebop was merely the tip of the Anime iceberg. Playing my first tabletop RPG. Saving the galaxy from Reapers and breaking hearts as Commander Shepard. And yet, when I sit down and contemplate these firsts, I find myself wrestling with a desire to relive and repackage the greatest hits of my youth versus putting them to rest and moving on.


Today the media landscape has become a veritable King’s Feast of nostalgic geek and nerd content. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has dominated the multiplexes since Iron Man in 2008, and doesn’t look to be slowing down any time soon. We’ve had a Star Wars film come out every year since 2015, as well as comics and cartoons to fill in the blanks. We got a Blade Runner sequel, two more Jurassic Park sequels, a Ghostbusters remake, a Trainspotting sequel, a Beauty and the Beast remake, two Alien prequels, A Mummy remake, and so on. Stranger Things has even tapped into our collective nostalgia for the 80s, giving us familiar synth strings and exceptional set design to transport us back in time. What a wonderful buffet of memory! Grab another plate, stay awhile.

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Yes, Women Can Be Friends!

Women can be friends.

It’s true! Women can even be amazing friends who support each other. I’ve worked on all-female crews, and the environment is a lovely, supportive safe place where teamwork is paramount, and nobody has to worry about getting sexually harassed or made to feel insignificant. Conflicts still happen and enemies still exist, but when women work together, they can get a lot done and have a good time.


Ocean’s 8 did a great job of embracing this. In fact, the teamwork was almost TOO good. There wasn’t enough drama for my taste, and maybe that’s because it was realistic. In real life, an all-female team of thieves would just get shit done and solve problems and not try to dick measure.



We’re taught that women are catty bitches who see each other as competition, but that doesn’t match what I see in my world.


On film, female friendships are often adversarial. For every 9 to 5, you get 10 Working Girls, where women compete for the same job or the same man or both. At some point action directors realized that when you put a woman in a black leather bodysuit and make her fight another woman in a white leather body suit, that turns other men on. As I’ve written before, in any large group, there can be only one woman, which automatically makes other women competition. We’re constantly barraged in pop culture with this idea that women cannot be friends.


But the times, they are a’changin’.

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Violence and Hypermasculinity in Film

“But it’s just so unrealistic. It doesn’t work that way in real life.”


As an avid fan of romances, romantic comedies, and other chick flicks, this is a constant refrain from my friends. The thing is, I am an adult woman with a couple LTRs (Long Term Relationships) under my belt and a string of less-than-glamorous personal and romantic mistakes. I am fully aware. What is maddening for me, a grown human with a functioning brain who can separate fantasy from reality, is that I never hear this same criticism lobbied at action films. Romantic comedies are all but dead and buried, largely in part because of this constant asinine chorus designed to question my and other fans’ credibility. But in a world where women fight for their voices to be heard, for bodily autonomy, for equal pay, I’d say we’re doing a lot better at separating our fantasy lives from our real ones than we’re given credit.


We live in a world where a man can rape a woman and leave her unconscious behind a dumpster and engender sympathy from a judge. I, and many of you readers, live in a country where mass shootings happen at an alarming rate — all at the hands of men. Boys are discouraged from showing emotion, and even women, in their quest for equality, aspire to be “badass” and “tough” and, ultimately, more like men. Perhaps romance is not the fantasy we should have killed. Instead, we should look at the violence and hypermasculine themes so pervasive in every blockbuster and consider how that impacts us.

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Bryan’s MCU Review



I love comic book movies.

I love them all, bad, good, and all the ones in between.  But, no matter how much I love them, I’m totally willing to criticize the hell out of them.  In my opinion, the best superhero film of all time is hands down, Superman 1978. Even with that ridiculous ending.  Every movie from there on out is just chasing their coattails. One franchise out there has been doing a pretty damn good job chasing.  Not all have been fantastic, none have been terrible, and I can proudly say I’ve seen, own, each and every one of them. I’m of course talking about the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Like many of the boys and girls out there, I’m super excited for the upcoming Infinity Wars, and watched all the movies, all over again, to prepare.  As I watched, I found I enjoyed some more than I remembered, some less, and one that I was convinced was a great film but realized I was wrong. So here we go!  My review of each and every MCU movie released so far!

A warning before I dive in, for those of you who don’t listen to our show, I’m way more of a DC guy than Marvel.  If my opinions seem way off base and piss you off, just remember, I’m a crazy person who enjoys all the DC movies.  Though I really do love these movies and I’m excited for Infinity Wars this weekend.

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Hang On a Second: We Are the Problem

A few weeks back I saw the wonderful film Lady Bird with my wife and a friend.


All three of us were totally swept up by the performances, the script, the directing, and more than anything, the incredibly well told and convincing story.  As the lights came up, the audience started to stir and grab their coats (an action I find pointless in LA, you don’t need coats here ya bunch of wussies) and the conversation I overheard boggled my mind.  The room wasn’t even fully lit and the man in front of me started saying, “That was good, but doesn’t hold a candle to Three Billboards… yadda yadda yadda.” I’ve overheard this conversation many times but this was the first time it really stuck out to me.  Mostly because the movie we just saw addresses this very instinct to react to something the moment you’ve experienced it.  In the very beginning of the film Lady Bird and her mom are listening to an audio book, and when it ends Lady Bird goes to turn on the radio.  Her mom stops her and asks, “Can we just sit with what we’ve heard for a moment?”  I rolled my eyes and laughed with the audience, but I think there may be something to that.

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Bryan’s 2017 In Movies

A list of all the films I watched in 2017!

As a host of a movie podcast, you watch a lot of movies. Bare minimum you’re looking at 52 movies for a year, but that’s saying you only watch them for the episodes you’re prepping for, and that’s just dumb. This year I watched a grand total of 225 movies. I count them as watches after I’ve sat thorough at least half the movie, although that only came in to play a few times, particularly at Christmas while flipping through movies on TV. Throughout the whole year, I only quit one movie, that is the lowest that number has ever been for me.


So! Without any further ado… My 2017 in movies, with some short reviews thrown in for fun.



    1. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – (technically the movie started playing in 2016, but I count it because when I walked out it was 2017)
    2. Swiss Army Man
    3. Clerks – First time I had watched this in about 5 years, it surprisingly holds up.
    4. Batman V Superman – The first, but not the last time I will watch this in 2017.
    5. Resident Evil
    6. Hell or High Water
    7. Hidden Figures
    8. Resident Evil 2

      My personal fav RE movie.
    9. Resident Evil 3
    10. Underworld Blood Wars
    11. Resident Evil 4
    12. Resident Evil 5
    13. Final Fantasy Kingsglave
    14. Silence – After the last 6 movies I watched, this was the greatest thing I had ever seen.
    15. Moon
    16. Resident Evil 6 – This is the most lackluster ending to a franchise ever…

      The marketing was better than the movie….
    17. 50 Shades of Gray – This sucked.
    18. The Mighty Ducks
    19. D2 The Mighty Ducks
    20. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children
    21. Amelie
    22. When Harry Met Sally
    23. Lost in Space

      pfff! haha they are all so serious!
    24. Babe
    25. Dirty Dancing
    26. Little Rascals
    27. John Wick
    28. Sing Street – Still the best movie of 2016.
    29. John Wick Chapter 2 – Totally forgot this was a movie.
    30. The Lego Batman Movie

      Both fantastic and utterly forgettable
    31. Deadpool
    32. Lost Highway
    33. Finding Dory
    34. Suicide Squad – Don’t remember what compelled me to watch this again, but I know I liked it way move on this viewing, I know it’s crap, but it’s fun crap.
    35. Clueless
    36. Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog – Is this a movie? It’s better than most…
    37. Some Like It Hot

      This movie is near perfect.
    38. Newsies (live) – Saw it in a movie theater, I’m counting it.
    39. Doctor Strange
    40. The Legend of Tarzan – God I hope I never see this again.
    41. X-Men Apocalypse
    42. The Legend of Tarzan (again) – Fuck…
    43. Friday the 13th Part 6 : Jason Lives – Better than Tarzan
    44. A Cure for Wellness – Why did we all forget about this movie? It was pretty good!

      Beautiful movie
    45. The Italian Job
    46. Old School
    47. Knock knock – Terrible… Better than Tarzan… okay I’ll stop hating on Tarzan.
    48. Logan
    49. Get Out – Best of the year? Maybe…
      —Tried to watch “Sisters” – got way too bored and turned it off
    50. Little Nicky – I paid actual money to rent this. Still don’t know why.
    51. Pacific Rim
    52. Jurassic Park
    53. Beauty and the Beast (1991) – If they make a live action movie of this, it will suck.
    54. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers : The Movie

      Yes, that Power Ranger movie.
    55. Kong Skull Island – That was awesome! I will go home and force my wife to watch the Peter Jackson one RIGHT NOW!
    56. King Kong (2005) – She fell asleep…
    57. Ghost in the Shell
    58. Princess Mononokee
    59. Paprika

      I miss Satoshi Kon
    60. Akira – Anime Battle for ATH, go listen! All of the movies picked were amazing!
    61. Noises Off! – Have you seen this? You really should!!
    62. James and the Giant Peach
    63. Power Rangers – It was awesome! Shut up, it was.
    64. Trainspotting 2
    65. Superman the Movie
    66. Terminator 2 – Another one you’ll see pop up a few times…

      Best movie ever made. Come at me.
    67. The Running Man
    68. Cloak and Dagger
    69. What We Do in the Shadows
    70. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – First repeat of the year (by choice… fucking Tarzan). I think that’s pretty good.
    71. Arrival
    72. Furious 7
    73. F8 of the Furious
    74. Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion
    75. Rogue One

      Better every time I watch it.
    76. The Conjuring 2
    77. Guardians of the Galaxy
    78. Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens – I watch this one more than I’m proud of. I’m always expecting that the next viewing will the the time that I love it… and nope… it’s good. Not great.
    79. Don’t Think Twice
    80. Jason Bourne
    81. Free Fire – Man I loved this movie, such an odd way to tell a story, and I loved every minute of it.
    82. Nocturnal Animals
    83. Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2
    84. Alien

      1 of 2 good Alien movies.
    85. Alien Vs Predator Requiem
    86. Moana
    87. Prometheus
    88. Alien 3 – Alien battle for ATH was clearly happening here. Watching a lot of Alien movies really reminds you that there are only 2 good ones.
    89. La La Land
    90. The Fifth Element – This was in theaters, and it was amazing.

      annnnd JUMP!
    91. Alien Covenant – Crap, saw it without Chewie so that means I have to see it twice… CRAP!
    92. Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl
    93. Batman and Bill – Hands down my favorite Doc of the year.
    94. Batman v Superman – 2nd time, still love it.
    95. Wonder Woman – And holy sheeeeeet that was so much better than BVS.
    96. Alien Covenant – ugh…
    97. Almost Famous

      This poster is one of my all time favorites.
    98. It Comes at Night – Great movie, too bad the trailers were so misleading.
    99. Armageddon
    100. The Mummy (1999)
    101. The Secret Life of Pets
    102. Meru – Awesome doc about climbing a mountain, should still be free on Amazon, check it out!
    103. Despicable Me
    104. Beauty and the Beast (2017) – Wow this sucked. Ewan McGregor was good.
    105. Batman Forever
    106. Batman and Robin
    107. Despicable Me 2
    108. The Burbs
    109. Logan – Even on rewatch, still very good, slightly over hyped, movie.

      This movie is gorgeous.
    110. Baby Driver – One of the most fun movies of the year.
    111. Escape from the Planet of the Apes
    112. Orlando
    113. Battleship
    114. Kung Fu Hustle
    115. Long Kiss Goodnight
    116. Fist Fight – Better than I thought it would be…
    117. Rise of the Planet of the Apes
    118. Power Rangers

      GO GO!
    119. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
    120. Passengers – (quit halfway) (watched second half after 121 and 122)
    121. War for the planet of the apes
    122. Valerian and the Planet of 1000 Cities – Deserved a way better reception than it got. I thought it was a blast.
    123. Ghost in the Shell (2017) – BOO!
    124. Spawn
    125. Free Fire
    126. Wings

      Might be my favorite movie I watched this year. (Not released in 2017)
    127. Dunkirk – My new favorite Nolan movie.
    128. Tour de Pharmacy
    129. Sing – My most unexpected joy-to-watch movie of 2017.
    130. Kong skull island
    131. Never Ending Story
    132. Ingrid Goes West – In contention for my least favorite movie of the year… Spoilers it’s in 3rd place.
    133. Never Ending Story Part II
    134. Barton Fink
    135. The Terminator
    136. Terminator 2 Judgement Day – They released it in theaters, I’m surprised I only saw it**
    137. Avatar
    138. Good Time

      I’ll use a still that give nothing away. Eff you marketing of Good Time.
    139. Terminator 2 Judgement Day — **twice
    140. Tag – WTF was this movie??? See it!
    141. Why Don’t You Play in Hell – So. Fucking. Good. FUCK BOMBERS YEAH!!
    142. Annabelle
    143. IT – A new contender has shown up as my favorite movie of the year.
    144. The Mummy – Why?
    145. Mother! – See our ATH Episode released on 1/11/18 to see my thoughts on this one.
    146. Long Live the King
    147. Annabelle: Creation
    148. Queen Kong – Chewie’s most unexpected joy-to-watch movie of 2017.

      This is a Musical. That’s all I’ll say.
    149. Pet – This movie so doesn’t go where you think it’s going. And for that I love it.
    150. Bram Stoker’s Dracula
    151. Mary’s Shelly’s Frankenstein
    152. The Collector
    153. Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight
    154. Rosemary’s Baby
    155. Thirst

      so. good.
    156. Fright Night – All time classic, so glad I rewatched it.
    157. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    158. Justice League Dark – They got Matt Ryan to voice Constantine! Movie is okay.
    159. An American Werewolf in London – In my top 5 of all time.
    160. Sleep Away Camp
    161. What We Do in the Shadows – I didn’t realize how much I go back to this movie till I made this list.
    162. Addams Family Values
    163. Geostorm
    164. In & Out

      Forgotten but amazing comedy.
    165. Baby Driver
    166. Thor
    167. Thor The Dark World
    168. Hocus Pocus – Chewie has never seen this! We must watch it annnnd…. She fell asleep.
    169. Popstar Never Stop Never Stopping
    170. Blade Runner 2049 – Holy hell I love this movie.  I could go on and on…

      The color alone makes me love this movie.
    171. Jason X
    172. Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers
    173. H20: Halloween 20 Years Later
    174. Friday The 13th part 9 Jason Goes to Hell – Was going to watch part 7… should have watched part 7….
    175. The Wizard – Power glove… It’s so bad.

      I bought this. I now own this movie. Jealous?
    176. Super – Everyone who told me I HAD TO SEE THIS had no idea how much I’d hate it.
    177. Thor Ragnarok – Man, this movie was a blast!
    178. Son of Batman
    179. Wonder Woman (2009)
    180. Superman Unbound – UNBOUND!!!!
    181. Green Lantern First Flight
    182. Elle – Rough watch… good movie.
    183. The Royal Tenenbaums

      I chose this photo for the dumb face on the right.
    184. The Big Sick
    185. BVS – again
    186. Justice League – Poor Justice League… So many cooks you can’t see the kitchen. I still liked it for what it was.
    187. Pet Cemetery
    188. Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales – way Way WAY Better than the last one.
    189. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri – Trailer gives away a lot, but still love this movie. McDonagh has one of the strongest voices out there making movies today. Great ending.
    190. Hellraiser
    191. The Ladykillers

      First and last time I’ll watch this one…
    192. Turner and Hooch
    193. Iron Man – Don’t watch this if you want to keep enjoying the Marvel movies. This is better than the rest by a mile.
    194. Too Funny to Fail – Not a ton of people have talked about this doc, but you should definitely watch it.
    195. Avengers
    196. 3 Ninjas
    197. Star Wars TFA – Prepping for Last Jedi… Its official 6, 5, 4, RO, 1, 7, 3, 2 (8 is still pending and I don’t know where it will land….)
    198. Cult of Chucky – Better and worse than I thought it would be. Felt more like a TV Pilot than a movie.
    199. Star Wars Return of the Jedi

      Leia is such a bad ass.
    200. Good Time – This time for the podcast. So GOOD!
    201. Death Note – The bad in this movie outweighs the good by just a bit.
    202. The Disaster Artist
    203. Space Jam – Welp, never going back to this one.
    204. Jack and the Beanstalk (1974) – Thanks Elliot…
    205. Night of the Hunter
    206. Superman 4 the Quest for Peace – Just as bad as you’ve heard it is… so watch it already!!!!
    207. Harry and the Henderson’s
    208. The Babysitter – I barely remember even watching this. But I think I kinda liked it? Maybe?

      Seriously though, Why isn’t he wearing a shirt?
    209. Godzilla vs Gigan
    210. Ghostbusters II
    211. Star Wars Episode 8 The Last Jedi – Saw this weeks ago now… still processing it. Definitely more my pace than TFA was, take that for what you will.
    212. Santa Clause 3
    213. Shape of Water – We have a winner for best of the year.

      Not the best photo I know, but I love this shot in the movie.
    214. Baywatch – AWFUL, but I kinda liked it?
    215. Elf
    216. Love Actually – This movie is mean. I really enjoy it, but everytime I watch it I find myself asking, why is everyone so mean?
    217. Bad Santa
    218. The Santa Clause
    219. The Greatest Showman – We have a winner for least favorite of the year… but… the singers can actually sing… so I don’t know!!
    220. The House
    221. Despicable Me 3 – Stop. Stop now.
    222. Okja – well that was fantastic!

      I WANT A SUPER PIG! (not to eat it)
    223. Bright – I was on The Front Row Movie Reviews talking about this one!
    224. Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle – How does Jack Black steal a movie from The Rock and Kevin Hart?? I don’t know, but he sure did!
    225. The Mighty Ducks – A fitting way to end the year. Just like this movie I’m young scrappy and hungry!.. For 2018 movies? This joke failed… Also I saw Hamilton.



What did I learn from this? I like a lot of bad movies, and that’s okay! As the year went on I started to get discouraged about weather or not I’d even share this very embarrassing list, but I think that misses the point of why I did it. What I learned from this is that I love movies. Period. The good and the bad, it is still my favorite way to experience a story. Even the worst of the worst have something in them that is enjoyable. I look forward to how my list looks from 2018, I doubt I’ll have the time to watch 200+ movies again, but it’s worth a shot!


  1. Shape of Water
  2. Okja
  3. Dunkirk
  4. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri
  5. Good Time
  6. IT
  7. Batman and Bill
  8. The Disaster Artist
  9. Baby Driver
  10. The Big Sick




BOTTOM 5 OF 2017

  1. Alien Covenant
  2. The House
  3. Ingrid Goes West
  4. Despicable Me 3
  5. Baywatch – still liked it… but man its just terrible.


Would be in the top five, but its rare to get a musical with actual singers and dancers in it.