Pandemic Picks: The Big Nerd Pub Quiz

A slightly different Pandemic Pick for me today. This is something I’ve been playing with some of my friends for the last couple of weeks. It’s a Pub Quiz that you live stream through YouTube and answer the questions in a Google document. Lots of fun and great for getting a group of friends together to participate in.

It’s run by Mark Hughes who live streams from his bedroom in Rostrevor Co Down, Ireland. So far there have been five of them, I missed the first one which I’ve heard was very nerdy. After the first one Mark took some feedback and it became a little more of a traditional pub quiz and less nerdy with a sports round and general knowledge rounds. The audience is growing with each quiz and the sixth one is scheduled for Saturday 11th April at 20:00 BST. On top of these there are also some specialist quizzes coming soon including a Star Trek and a Star Wars one. The Star Trek one I am most looking forward to as if you’ve read my previous articles on my trips to Star Trek conventions you’ll know.

What is so good about this is how the quiz is bringing people together in a time where we feel isolated, it gives friends a reason to dial into a video chat and hang out for an hour, what’s also great is all the times that I have done this with my friends not once have we ended the call straight after the quiz. I am writing this article two hours after the quiz ended because we were still chatting that long after.

I would highly recommend you check this out and give it a go, get a bunch of friends together on video chat, get some drinks and have a laugh playing this quiz.

The Big Nerd Pub Quiz can be found on the following social channels:

The Big Nerd Pub Quiz on FB.

The Big Nerd Pub Quiz on Instagram

Their YouTube channel is available here and has archived videos of all the previous quizzes if you want to have a go before the next live event.

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