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No New Switch, Mortal Kombat, and Jack Ryan?

A nice little collection of news stories from this past week to sink your teeth into. We’ve got possible new rules for Airline cancellations and delays, the final season of Jack Ryan, lagging Switch sales resulting in no new hardware, Microsoft shenanigans, and a rebooting of Mortal Kombat.

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Pandemic Picks: The Nice Guys

You will all have favourites out there, favourite actors, favourite directors, favourite writers. It’s natural that you gravitate towards certain people, with actors it’s because you probably identify with him or her more, or just that you like their performances. Directors and writers though are a little different, you don’t like the people themselves necessarily, but you like their style, their techniques, their voice. For me I love Shane Black and will watch anything that he does and for the most part I love everything he has written or directed. What really appeals to me about Shane Black is the way he can switch very quickly and almost effortlessly between hilarious comedy to serious drama. Not only that but he manages to subvert clichés by setting up what looks to be a cliché situation and then turns it completely on its head.

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Episode #178 – Lost Highway

We travel back in time…no…we transform into…no…wait. Hrm. Well, we definitely go to a space and exist there, and we talk about David Lynch’s LOST HIGHWAY. David Lynch joins us, except he is actually Christopher Ortiz – our special guest. Is that Rammstein playing in the background? Anyway, you’ll want to listen in as we try to make sense of what’s going on!



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