All of Our Old Musicapaloozas in One Place!

Want to listen to our past musicapaloozas? You’re in luck!

We’ve taken all our past Spotify Musicapaloozas and tossed them into a playlist for you to enjoy for all eternity, which is a pretty sweet deal if you ask us! Just subscribe to the playlist below or listen in the browser at your leisure. We’ll keep adding our weekly playlists to it as long as Spotify allows, which means you’ll have days of music to listen to before too long.

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Name That Movie For 8/07/17

The Tip of My Brain Movie Game is back, but with a twist!

8/14/17 EDIT:

This game is over and a new one can be found HERE!



We wanted to change things up for this week’s movie game, so we’ve made it 100% more competitive. We’re adding a point value to each still and if you guess the correct movie, you get the points. We’ve created a leaderboard page where you can brag about your score to all your friends and enemies, and at the end of the month we’ll award the person with the most points an achievement banner like you might see on the XBOX or PLAYSTATION. If this new system works, we’ll look into adding extra rewards.


And now for the twist: The first still expires Tuesday morning, making those points impossible to get. Wednesday morning Movie #2 will be gone, and so on. If you come to this game today and get all the answers correct, you’ll get 25 points. However, if you come to this game on Friday, you’ll only have one still to guess and your possible points will be 5. We’ll throw in a bonus question or still on Friday to give a little boost, but you’ll be at a severe disadvantage if you wait.




Thanks to some feedback I’m putting the rules in this post in a more clear and concise list. I’m also updating the point system a little, which should hopefully favor first responders a little bit over late responders, but still keep things fair and competitive. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep giving us feedback, and as always, we’ll always favor the player if any goofs or inconsistencies pop up in the rules.


1. First right guess is worth 5 points, second right guess is worth 4 points, and all other right guesses after are 3 points.
2. Each image is tied to a day and after that day the image is gone, and with it the possibility for those points. A “day” changes over when we make the edit to the post, so anything up to that moment counts.
3. A bonus question or image will be revealed on Friday and will follow Rule #1.
4. Only answers on this post count toward your score.

Let’s get this game started!


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A Game of Thrones Musicapalooza!

A spotify playlist based on the deadly fantasy world of Game of Thrones!

We’re well on our way through Season Seven of Game of Thrones, so we thought it fitting to make a Spotify playlist based on the HBO hit show. We’ve got it all: music from Queen, Grateful Dead, Green Day, Kesha, and even Ed Sheeran. That’s right, haters, Ed Sheeran is now canon in the both the show AND our playlist.

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Episode #197 – Wings (1927)

This week we go back to the beginning…of the Academy Awards! That’s right, we’re watching all of the best picture winners starting with WINGS (1927). We’re joined by Jandy Hardesty to give us an in-depth look at the history behind the movie and why it was so important.



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Name That Movie For 7/31/17

There are a couple of easy ones in this week’s game, but can you guess them all?

This week’s Tip of My Brain Movie Game is primed and ready to go. We’ve got a few easy pickings and some we think will be a challenge. Let’s see which is which, shall we?

Time to play!


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It’s A Secret Agent Musicapalooza!

Watch out, it’s a spotify playlist about spies and kick ass secret agents!

Atomic Blonde is out in theaters this weekend so we thought we’d celebrate the release with an action-packed, secret agent Spotify playlist featuring songs from Chris Cornell, Jack White, Alicia Keys, Florence + The Machine, Johnny Rivers, Kanye West, and more. It’s a pulse-pounding, eclectic playlist that will hopefully get you pumped for a life of espionage!

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Episode #196 – T2 Trainspotting

Face your past. Choose this week’s podcast where we talk about T2 TRAINSPOTTING, Danny Boyle’s follow-up to the 90s drug-filled cinematic punch to the gut. We’re joined by Elliot Campos, who gives us a hilarious breakdown of the plot and nearly breaks the podcast in the process. We talk about getting older and wrestle with the message of the movie. It’s an interesting discussion and you won’t want to miss a minute of it!



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