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ATH Podcast Crossover – Ep. 166 – Warcraft

Hey guys! Jonathan here. Due to a variety of reasons I have to push Chapter 24 of Demon Dayz back to next week. In the meantime I thought it would be fun to showcase the Warcraft episode from After the Hype, the OG podcast that started our entire network. It was a super fun episode, even if the movie itself was only so-so. Thank you so much for your patience and see you next week as our tiefling heroes make their way to the Tower of All.



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Top 10 Movies in 2016 That ATH Made Me Watch

I generally dislike lists, and I can never seem to keep track of what I’ve watched in a year, but here we are.

2016 was perhaps the worst year in moviegoing for me…because I didn’t really see all that many films. The only reason I can present this dumb list to you is because I HAD to watch films for the podcast in order to talk about them.


Turns out, I watched JUST enough to come up with a (in my opinion) barely passable TOP TEN list. I’m sure a few of the movies listed will surprise you, but a majority of them won’t if you’ve listened to us ramble about movies all year. There’s also a television show on this list in the honorable mentions because – like I said – I’m not a huge fan of lists.


In order to write as little as possible for this post, I’ve resorted to using gifs from one of my favorite films – GALAXY QUEST. Turns out, you can use GALAXY QUEST gifs for pretty much anything in life. That said, let’s get crack-a-lackin’ on my TOP 10 MOVIES IN 2016 THAT THIS SILLY PODCAST MADE ME WATCH!

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Episode #166 – Warcraft

Get your turkeys and boomsticks ready this fine Thanksgiving Day because we’ve got a great and divisive episode coming at you! We’re talking WARCRAFT, the Duncan Jones film based on the long-running franchise. Journey with us as we simply “don’t get it,” and miss almost everything directed to the fans. We’re joined by special guest Danielle Dutton. CHEERS!

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