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2016’s Most Over and Underrated Movies

The hype machine is an unavoidable beast.  No matter how much you want to ignore it, it’s always there, lurking in the corners of your internet browser.  Cruising by on buses as you sit at a red light.  Plastered on the side of buildings!  Everywhere you look… movies.

Being the the host of a movie podcast, I feed right into this situation.  I love talking movies, and I get really excited about them.The problem is, sometimes, I think we all get a little too fired up.  We end up launching mediocre films into the stratosphere.  On the flip side, we are so worked up about some of these movies, we totally ignore others.  In this vein I present to you, the top five over and underrated films of  2016!


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Episode #165 – Ghostbusters (2016)

HOLY MCKINNON! We’ve got a great show for you. We’re joined this week by Michelle Dunn from Drunk History to talk about the controversial Paul Feig remake of GHOSTBUSTERS. We ain’t afraid of no ghosts, nor are we afraid to call this movie out on some of its weaker parts. Don’t cover eyes, give this episode a try!



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Episode #146 – Ghostbusters (1984)

When Thursday rolls around, and you’re looking for something to do, and you’ve got an hour to spare….who you gonna call? That’s right! AFTER THE HYPE! YAY, MUCH CLEVER! We’re here this week with special guests Mackenzie Peykov and Renee Gauthier to talk the 1984 classic GHOSTBUSTERS. Saddle up them proton packs and get ready to be slimed. It’s gonna feel funky…in a good way.



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