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That Wasn’t The F**king Plan: Suicide Squad (2016)

This week in our month of “That Wasn’t The FF&#king Plan” we’re talking about the David Ayer film Suicide Squad. The David Ayer film Suicide Squad is what we’re talking about this week as we deep dive into films that weren’t part of the FF&#king Plan.” As we dive into movies that didn’t turn out the way they were planned, we thought it would be proper to talk about the David Ayer film Suicide Squad.

Okay, I think that hammers home the point that Suicide Squad takes forever to get out of its introduction and never gets fully out of its own ass. Oh yeah, we brought in our Matt Dykes to help us talk about the absolute “trash fire” film Suicide Squad. We have a lot of fun, but there’s no more time for these shownotes so just know we tear the movie a new asshole. Cheers.



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Episode #179 – Blockbuster Round Up

We’re doing something a little different this week and rounding up all of the recent blockbusters to grace the silver screen. We felt that enough had been said about these movies in podcast land and we didn’t want to devote an entire episode to any single one. Special Guest Alex Marshall-Brown joins us and brings her excellent gift of gab to help us deconstruct what worked, what didn’t work, and what tried REALLY hard to work but only gets the silver star. It’s a bit episode, so let’s get started!


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Our co-host Jonathan Hardesty attempts to break down the plot to the much maligned Oscar-winner SUICIDE SQUAD. See how he fares against the forces of evil, or whatever!


Check it out and listen to our latest episode on Thursday.


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2016’s Most Over and Underrated Movies

The hype machine is an unavoidable beast.  No matter how much you want to ignore it, it’s always there, lurking in the corners of your internet browser.  Cruising by on buses as you sit at a red light.  Plastered on the side of buildings!  Everywhere you look… movies.

Being the the host of a movie podcast, I feed right into this situation.  I love talking movies, and I get really excited about them.The problem is, sometimes, I think we all get a little too fired up.  We end up launching mediocre films into the stratosphere.  On the flip side, we are so worked up about some of these movies, we totally ignore others.  In this vein I present to you, the top five over and underrated films of  2016!


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Least-Worst Comic Book Movies of 2016

Hey everyone! Ryan here, emerging from the Comic Corner to bring you 2016’s TOP 7 LEAST-WORST COMIC BOOK MOVIES.


To keep it from being any longer, I only included the live action theatrical releases, so no mention of Batman: The Killing Joke on this list. They were easy to rank at the top, but the rest were engaged in a nosedive race to the bottom.


I gave it my best shot anyway, enjoy!


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