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Episode #194 – Secret Santa In July

It’s Christmas in July! Or rather, it’s the summer version of our secret santa movie exchange. We had so much fun doing this last time that we brought Christopher Ortiz back to do it again. Our pal (and former co-host) Ryan James assigned each of us a person and we gave them a movie we thought they would enjoy (or not).



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Comic-Con: A Four-Day Love Affair Spanning Sixteen Years

COMIC-CON is a yearly event that holds a special place in my heart, and I’m here to take you on a four-day journey spanning sixteen years!

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Christopher Ortiz, and I have been going to the San Diego Comic-Con for sixteen years. Sixteen years of delightful nerd memories that have taken me on this mysterious journey we call life.


“Theme From Jurassic Park,” by John Williams. That’s the song I hear come July when I arrive at the San Diego Convention Center. You know the tune, and you sure as hell know the scene; Sam Neil, Laura Dern, and – nerd God himself – Jeff Goldblum are all sitting in Jeeps waiting to see just what the hell Richard Attenborough is so enthusiastic about, when out of nowhere a dinosaur emerges. They are speechless, filled with wonder at the sight, and we as an audience are right there with them. Words don’t suffice, hence those stunning visuals, and that soul-stirring music.

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Christopher Ortiz

Christopher Ortiz is post-production coordinator in Los Angeles who dreams of one day taking over the world. In the mean time, his interests are all things nerd, but mostly comic books, movies, and history.

Episode #170 – Secret Santa Special

It’s a Secret Santa Special! We’re changing things up for the holidays and giving each other the gift of…MOVIES. That’s right, we’ve picked a movie for each of our co-hosts to watch and they have to guess who picked the movie. Also, we ALL have to give 30 second breakdowns of the movies we’re assigned. It’s the most important episode you’ll listen to yet! Friend of the show Christopher Ortiz joins us in this wonderful movie game! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!



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Episode #148 – Deadpool

We’re joined by special guests Matt Lantrip and Chris Ortiz to discuss the Merc With A Mouth. That’s right, we’re talking DEADPOOL. No, not THAT Deadpool. The good one where his mouth isn’t sewn shut and he shoots lasers out of his eyes. This is the one where Negasonic Teenage Warhead steals all her scenes without speaking. THAT Deadpool. Chimichangas.



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