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Oscars? Mario Boots? Cocaine Shark?

I, Jon from ATH Network, completely missed that the Oscars happened this past weekend. Like, I was surprised while compiling the stories for today’s post. Anyway, it sounds like the best film dominated and that’s a-okay with me. Of course, other stuff happened over the weekend and I GUESS we’ll share those with you below.

(Oh yeah, that thumbnail of King Shark from the hilarious James Gunn romp Suicide Squad? Seemed fitting for a news story about a cocaine shark.)

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More Hell, More King, and More Phantasm?

Yesterday was an interesting day for entertainment news, as you’ll see below. We’ve got all kinds of stuff like game announcements for games DEFINITELY COMING OUT THIS YEAR, and a possible sequel from Sam Raimi. Oh yeah, Phantasm is also coming out on UHD. I feel like I’ve heard people talking about that franchise before.

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Pandemic Picks: Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms

Hey guys, do you ever feel too flustered, concerned, or worried to do much more than click your mouse or tap on your phone? Does this pandemic have you unable to do much more than simple actions? Well, have I got a video game for you!

It’s called Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms and it’s a Dungeons and Dragons idle clicker game where all you do is click to get gold coins, experience points, and cool unlockable characters. You can engage with this thing as much or as little as you want and the game adjusts to your interest and abilities. Just want to click on baddies and make them burst into violent blood stains on the ground? You’re all set. Want to figure out which battle formation will yield the highest DPS so you can reach level 100 and possibly unlock a golden chest or a special new character? Yeah, the game got you, boo.

Lots of things to click and it’s glorious. Engage…or don’t. It’s fine!

Idle Champions is free-to-play, but the grind is part of the appeal. There are times where I don’t have enough in me to play a super complex RPG or get invested in my tasks in Animal Crossing. There are also times where I simply don’t have a lot of time while, like when I’m waiting for an appointment or I’m in line to get into Trader Joes.

Give it a try, it will help pass the time and will scratch your Dungeons and Dragons itch until you can get back to the table. Ahem, the virtual table. You can find this game on pretty much every platform except for those refrigerator and car operating systems…although that can still happen. Cheers!