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Star Trek Picard: What Do We Know?

It’s still a couple of months away, but the hype for Star Trek: Picard is in full swing. At the 2019 Destination Star Trek, I was lucky enough to attend the Patrick Stewart talk and in that he discussed a few things to expect from the new series. For more on my experience at Destination Star Trek see my article here.

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Destination Star Trek: My Experience Going Premium


Last year, I attended my first Star Trek convention in Birmingham and I had an amazing time. I met the stars who-until then-I had only seen through the glass barrier that we call television. They were all so friendly and at the end of the convention I knew that I was going back, but I had decided that I needed to see what the more premium tickets were like.

Originally, I was considering the Admiral pass which costs a pricey £3,000 (which according to Google is currently worth $3851.02). After some deliberation , a trip to Los Angeles and another one coming next year I decided on the lower priced Captain’s pass which was only £800 ($1026.80). Only £800 he says- but compared to £3,000 it’s a significant reduction. So, was it worth it? What benefits did I get for the premium price? Well luckily for you I can tell you without it costing you £800.

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Episode #193 – Logan

After a fun month of ORIGINS episodes we’re back with new content AND A NEW HOST. We welcome Emily Blake ( @TheEmilyBlake on twitter) as the newest member of After The Hype. Say hi!


This week we talk about the final film of the Hugh Jackman Wolverine saga – LOGAN. We’re joined by special guests Elvis Kunesh and Jason Blagman, who give us insight on what worked and what didn’t. If you’ve invested even a tiny amount of time into Jackman’s Wolverine character, you’ll want to check out this fitting conclusion.



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