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Episode #193 – Logan

After a fun month of ORIGINS episodes we’re back with new content AND A NEW HOST. We welcome Emily Blake ( @TheEmilyBlake on twitter) as the newest member of After The Hype. Say hi!


This week we talk about the final film of the Hugh Jackman Wolverine saga – LOGAN. We’re joined by special guests Elvis Kunesh and Jason Blagman, who give us insight on what worked and what didn’t. If you’ve invested even a tiny amount of time into Jackman’s Wolverine character, you’ll want to check out this fitting conclusion.



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Episode #140 – X-Men: The Last Stand Vs. Origins: Wolverine

We’re joined by special guests Coy Jandreau and Elliot Campos to talk two of perhaps the worst X-Men films out there – X-MEN: THE LAST STAND & X-MEN: ORIGINS: WOLVERINE – all in celebration of hopefully NOT the worst X-Men film coming out! For our breakdown we make both Coy and Elliot take a film and give us the synopsis. The whole episode is so epic we had to run a little on the long side. Enjoy!


COY – Marvel Movie News | TWITTER | Many coffee shops in los angeles!
ELLIOT – TWITTER | Super Hero Sampler | Beyond School

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