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Lindelof and Kennedy and Spencer, Oh My!

The biggest news of the week was the Writer’s Strike, which despite our goal for this post series, isn’t exactly old news. In fact, it’s still ongoing and there are a lot of complicated pieces. Aside from that, we have a story from Damon Lindelof about getting dropped from his Star Wars project, Phil Spencer reflecting on his console’s place in the market, and Kathleen Kennedy admitting what everyone has known for awhile: Star Wars needs to be spread out more.

All that and more is Old News Now!

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The Other Voices: A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

I was supposed to write this article three weeks ago, when it was still October, but I had decided in September that I could just work 30 straight 12+ hour days doing 3 jobs and it would be fine. I am no longer 20 years old. It was not fine. I had to push one week for work, but then the Saturday when everybody was getting ready to go to all the parties, I dropped on the couch and suddenly realized I had a 101 fever and I was going to miss Halloween this year. I had multiple illnesses and ended up lying in bed for days without the attention span to watch a whole movie in between naps. Moral of the story: Even if it IS the American way, don’t try to work yourself to death.

So I’ve been away, but I finally got around to watching Ana Lily Amirpour’s 2014 indie film, A GIRL WALKS HOME ALONE AT NIGHT. Amirpour is Iranian-American, but she was born in England and moved her at a young age. She used film to relate to American culture, particularly loving the films of David Lynch, Lars Von Trier, Richard Linklater…. All the artsy guys. So it should surprise nobody that this film is hella-artsy.

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Episode #168 – Snowed In Battle

Gather ’round the fire because we’re about to duke it out for BEST “SNOWED IN” MOVIE. We’re joined by special guest Matt Lantrip, who makes perhaps the most aggressive argument for his film. Don’t wait another second and give this episode a listen!






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