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One Giant Leap for Filmmakers: 50 Years Since the Moon Landing

July 20th 1969 was a watershed moment for the human race; from the moment that spacecraft touched down on the surface of the Moon everything changed. The real-life events- that 20 years previous would have seemed like science fiction-became science fact and the stars were within our grasp for the first time ever. We could land a human on the Moon, then we could colonise it. If we could land a human on the Moon, then we could land a human on Mars. The fantastical had become reality and we now knew what it took to travel amongst the stars.

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Episode #255 – Solo: A Star Wars Story

This week we do the Kessel Run in twelve pod’secs as we talk about Solo, the Star Wars film that finally gives us the answer to the age old question of “how did Han get his last name?” Special thanks to Jeff Elster for joining us.



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The Complex History of the Chosen One

Emily Blake explains why being picked by destiny is an inferior story choice.


I don’t believe in destiny or soul mates or any kind of predetermined fate of any kind. I’m willing to accept that maybe the force is real. Maybe karma. But free will is my jam, so movies about “The Chosen One” are always a bit problematic in my mind. Here’s a person who never earned anything being protected by all the people who are doing the real labor, on the promise that this person will live up to some vague premonition they’ve all decided to risk their lives for. It’s not a great lesson about life, even if it is a nice fantasy to imagine that the Powers That Be have given us someone to save us all with their magical gifts.


I love when being The Chosen One is earned. I hate when it’s a birthright. And now, some examples:

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It’s Time To Bury Our Firsts

We have a hard time letting go of our childhood favorites, and we’re worse off for it.


My geek and nerd history is filled with some wonderful firsts. The first time I saw Star Wars, sitting in front of a small TV watching the trilogy back to back on cable. Seeing Indiana Jones get chased by the boulder through the decrepit ruins for the first time. Witnessing The Delorean’s maiden voyage into the past. Seeing how far down the rabbit hole went in The Matrix. Experiencing Middle Earth for the first time, and then seeing it adapted for the screen. Discovering that Cowboy Bebop was merely the tip of the Anime iceberg. Playing my first tabletop RPG. Saving the galaxy from Reapers and breaking hearts as Commander Shepard. And yet, when I sit down and contemplate these firsts, I find myself wrestling with a desire to relive and repackage the greatest hits of my youth versus putting them to rest and moving on.


Today the media landscape has become a veritable King’s Feast of nostalgic geek and nerd content. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has dominated the multiplexes since Iron Man in 2008, and doesn’t look to be slowing down any time soon. We’ve had a Star Wars film come out every year since 2015, as well as comics and cartoons to fill in the blanks. We got a Blade Runner sequel, two more Jurassic Park sequels, a Ghostbusters remake, a Trainspotting sequel, a Beauty and the Beast remake, two Alien prequels, A Mummy remake, and so on. Stranger Things has even tapped into our collective nostalgia for the 80s, giving us familiar synth strings and exceptional set design to transport us back in time. What a wonderful buffet of memory! Grab another plate, stay awhile.

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Episode #234 – The Last Jedi

Get ready to let the past die, and kill it if you have to because we’re talking about The Last Jedi this week. Special guests Samantha Garrison and Paul Krueger join us to talk about Rian Johnson’s take on the Star Wars saga and what that means for the future of the franchise. It’s a great episode, so don’t waste another minute and give it a whirl.


Get Paul Krueger’s book: Last Call at the Night Shade Lounge!



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Episode #200 – Favorite Movie Battle

We dit it! We made it to 200 episodes, and to celebrate we’re doing another battle episode. This time it’s a battle of our favorite movies of all time. We’ve got quite the list of movies to discuss so you won’t want to miss another moment!




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It’s Our Fault We’ll Never Get The Next Star Wars

Nostalgia is a big part of our current pop culture landscape, but maybe it’s keeping us from getting the next Star Wars, or TMNT, or Doctor Who.

I think it was either Universal Studios’ announcement of their DARK UNIVERSE franchise or the latest round of “Cowboy Bebop is REALLY getting a live-action series” news that I came to the realization that we’ve given the next generation a bit of a raw deal when it comes to entertainment. Much of the movies, television shows, comic books, and pop culture that have defined our childhood have undergone a revival to aggressively cash in on our nostalgia.


In some cases I’ve been very receptive to this; see 2012’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which struck a balance between reminding me what I loved about the 80s/90s cartoon, and making something new out of it for a younger generation of turtle fans. Still, it wasn’t new, and I’d be willing to guess that it won’t have the same impact on the new generation of fans that it had on me and my generation. They inherited the heroes in a half shell from us olds, but we saw its origin.


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The Weird And Wild Sounds Of Musicapalooza 5/5/17

Our music tastes here at After The Hype are a bit random, so we decided to share our weird and wild sounds with you!

We’ve got quite the odd musical treat for you to listen to either at work, or on your commute TO work. Some movie soundtracks to fit our theme this week as well as stuff from Gorillaz, Kendrick Lamar, Justice, MC Lars, and The Beetles. Bet you can’t guess our theme this week! Just click on any one of these songs and your Spotify app will open right up to play the tracks, and you can continue reading all our wonderful articles.


Like this and want more? Let us know in the comments!


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Episode #188 – Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

May the 4th be with you! We celebrate Star Wars Day by talking about Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and how it gave us all the feels. Emily Blake from Chick’s Who Script joins us to talk about what worked and what didn’t, all the while drinking blue milk of our own creation. If we were concerned about the standalone films before, Rogue One put us at ease. It’s a big episode this week so don’t waste another minute!




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A Hype To Remember: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)

All of us here at After The Hype love Star Wars, because… well… it’s STAR WARS!

In honor of Star Wars Day (May 4th) we will be releasing one “Hype to Remember” a day to cover all 8 of the released Star Wars films! Chewie here with a look at Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.


First thing’s first: I don’t watch Star Wars trailers before I see the films. I will run out of a theater, stick my fingers in my ears and yell incoherently to stop any information from reaching my brain. As far as I’m concerned every image is a spoiler, a lead to an expectation which will influence my first viewing experience. Everything Rogue One related other than casting I avoided.


I did see the one shot with Jyn in Black Trooper armor, backlit on a ship with the narration “This is a rebellion isn’t it? I rebel.” It’s hard to avoid TV spots. The shot though, did give me a little tickle in my chest. I had not seen Felicity Jones in many movies but in that one sec I got excited to see her in a Star Wars film. The line was…kinda lame, like when Han said “Chewie, we’re home” in the teaser for The Force Awakens. Just lame and reeked of Wink Wink from the marketing dept. Boy was I happy that “I rebel” line wasn’t in the finished film.

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