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The Week in Review: 1/03/21-1/09/21

It’s a new year and things have already gotten off to an unsavory start. There was a coup on the United States Capitol that happened on the 6th and as of me writing this post out we’re still not sure what to expect from the next few days. It’s also been a rather light podcasting and article week here at ATH Network. Damage Boost and Demon Dayz put out new episodes but Binge Buddies (formerly Welcome to You Are Doom) is still on hiatus, as is Behind the Hype.

Before we jump right into this week at a glance, I’d like to draw your attention to a few different ways you can engage with us and discuss the episodes below or anything else in pop culture that may interest you.

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And now…let’s see what you may have missed this week.

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The Week in Review: 12/20/20-12/26/20

I hope you’ve had a happy holiday season so far and that the rest of your year features rest, relaxation, and an overwhelming sense of peace and contentment. We produce a lot of content over here at ATH Network and I wanted to start up a little recap post series every weekend to point out the shows and articles you may have missed and put links to them in one convenient place. Let’s get to it, shall we?

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Episode 53: Being a Dungeon Master with Mike and Jon

I am joined by two amazing guests, Mike from the Funnie Paper podcast and Jon from almost every ATH show. They talk about their experiences as Dungeon Masters and the rise of tabletop gaming during the lockdown.

Special thanks to all the DMs willing to help new players.



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Introducing Demon Dayz: An Actual Play Podcast

A Tabletop RPG podcast from ATH Network with a focus on fiends.

We’re excited to announce Demon Dayz, an Actual Play podcast whose goal is to focus on the oft-overlooked devilish and demonic characters found in tabletop games such as Dungeons & Dragons, Shadowrun, and any other game system that can support a group of “horned bastards” creating mischief wherever they go.

If you’re familiar with and enjoy shows like Critical Role, The Adventure Zone, Friends at the Table, High Rollers, and Sirens of the Realm from Maze Arcana, you’ll be right at home here. The first campaign will use Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition and future campaigns will switch systems (and possibly Dungeon Masters) to shake up the storytelling and offer a different authorial voice. Some campaigns will be lengthy epics spanning years, while others might be as short as a one-shot. Some stories might feature the tried-and-true, while others could skew heavily experimental. Demon Dayz will be a storytelling playground, and we couldn’t be more excited to share this journey with you all.

The first few episodes of our new show will appear in the main After the Hype feed to introduce you to the characters and setting and give you a feel for what to expect. After that the show will break out into its own podcast feed. Along with each episode we’ll have an “enhanced” version on our YouTube channel with character stats, story and fan art, and anything fun we can think of to add to the experience.

We’ll have more specific information in the coming weeks such as cast and character reveals, campaign synopsis, and more. You can find all that information over on the show’s twitter page, as well as any other teasers that come up. In the meantime, we’ll leave you with this thematic teaser trailer to get HYPE.