The Week in Review: 12/20/20-12/26/20

I hope you’ve had a happy holiday season so far and that the rest of your year features rest, relaxation, and an overwhelming sense of peace and contentment. We produce a lot of content over here at ATH Network and I wanted to start up a little recap post series every weekend to point out the shows and articles you may have missed and put links to them in one convenient place. Let’s get to it, shall we?


Welcome to You Are Doom

This week it’s not a Welcome to you Are Doom episode, and it’s not a Binge Buddies or Corona Cartoons episode. No, this week it’s an entirely different thing that doesn’t really fit into any category: The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special “The Day of the Doctor.” Bryan is joined by Matt “The General” Dykes and together they’ll break down all the things that make this special tick and what it means to them as Doctor Who fans in general.

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Damage Boost

My close friend Kate drops by to introduce me to one of the most emotional games I have played in a long time. Love, Same is only three dollars on steam and I highly recommend it!

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Demon Dayz

The party finds the last piece of the Modron construct and have a bit of a strange (and humorous) encounter with a few Duergar in the process. They then discuss the plans going forward and whether or not Ezekela, the Horned Devil, will continue to be included in said plans.

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Behind the Hype

We close out our month of That Wasn’t The F**king Plan with the best movie out of the four we talked about, although that’s not saying much: The Emperor’s New Groove. It’s a strange film in the Disney archive, fraught with all kinds of production drama. We talk a bit about what the original plan was, and then try to figure out where things went wrong. We also note how the film has a great third act and how Kronk probably should have been the star considering how much of the movie he stole from everyone else.

This also marks the end of Behind the Hype for 2020. We’ll be back a little bit later in the new year with more zany retrospectives that challenge how we think about films and the filmmakers who work on them.

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One Ping Only: The 30th Anniversary of The Hunt For Red October

Article by Matt Dykes

The name Tom Clancy is now synonymous with the techno spy thriller and realistic military-based stories. For most younger people it is also synonymous with several video game series including Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon and Splinter Cell, among many others. Clancy’s early career was in insurance however he used to write novels in his spare time. In 1984 he sold his first novel for $5,000 to a small publishing house in Maryland. That novel was The Hunt For Red October. The book was a huge hit and became a national best seller. The main character, Jack Ryan, went on to appear in 10 novels written by Clancy, and a further 11 novels that were written by other authors. By the end of the 1980s Tom Clancy had become a household name, Alec Baldwin remarked that Clancy’s novels were so popular that he would often look around in business class on a plane to see that 8 out of 10 people were reading a Clancy novel… READ MORE.


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And again, I hope the holidays are treating you well and I hope to see you around as we continue to bring you great content each and every week.

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