A Hype to Remember: Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi (1983)


In honor of Star Wars Day (May 4th) we will be releasing one “Hype to Remember” a day to cover all 8 of the released Star Wars films!  I’m RETURNing today because OF THE JEDI!


Three years isn’t the longest you’ve ever had to wait for a sequel.  But when the last movie you saw was Empire Strikes Back, that 3 years might as well be 300.  People were losing thier minds!  Who is the other?  Is Vader really Luke’s dad? WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO HAN??? Then boom!  Revenge of the Jedi trailer is released and, well… at least one of the questions is answered:

Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi (1983)


Well, I guess we know Han is okay… I love these OT Trailers.  Watching them and seeing what changed from the promo days to the actual release is a real treat.  Revenge of the Jedi seems like such a good title, but clearly didn’t fit the movie.  And adding in the new green lightsaber for Luke made it feel more personal.  The biggest thing that I get from this trailer though, it doesn’t feel like an end.  They say “the next chapter” which makes me wonder how much the people making the trailers knew about the movie, my guess would be next to nothing.  


All in all this is a fun trailer, it has some great voice over, some fun transition effects, and gives very little away.  Other than Han is fine.  But you get that right out of the gate anyways.  Yet again, a great trailer for a great movie!!!

Little did we know… Phantom Menace was next….


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