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Homicides Hooters and Hockey Masks: Wrap Up

Your hosts Bryan, Matt, Joel and Ryan have a lot of work to do this week!  They have to wrap up and rank everything about the Friday the 13th franchise!  They rank the movies, the Jasons, the kills and so much more!  This whole series has been so much fun and the wrap-up is a very fond farewell to the franchise.  Be sure to tune in next week when we start talking Robocop in Automatic Pig!


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Homicides Hooters and Hockey Masks: Friday the 13th Remake

Bryan Dressel, Matt “Zombie Dog Fence Post” Dykes, Joel “Tree Trimming Saw” Dewitte, and Ryan “Uber Machete” Lootens take on the most recent Friday the 13th film, the remake from 2009.  While this movie may have some “stupendous” moments here and there, it largely leaves the binge buddies rather disappointed.  But they have a blast taking it apart! 


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Homicides Hooters and Hockey Masks: Freddy vs Jason

Bryan Dressel, Matt “Zombie-Dog Sleeping Bag” Dykes, Joel “Sleeping Bags” Dewitte, and Ryan “Corkscrew” Lootens bring you the Christmas episode to end all Christmas episodes!  One where we mostly forgot to talk about Christmas at all!  But we do talk a lot about all the death and mayhem caused by two of the greatest slashers of all time going head to head!  This movie is far from flawless, but joy can be found in all the flaws, making this one hell of a good time!  Enjoy your break from the holiday and our last episode of 2023!  Taking a little break for the holidays and we will be back in January!


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Homicides Hooters and Hockey Masks: Jason X

Your hosts Bryan Dressel, Matt “Zombie Dog His Bare Hands” Dykes, Joel “Ice Pick” Dewitte, and Ryan “Axe” Lootens tackle the hard questions this week.

Masterpiece or Train Wreck?

A love letter to the franchise or a middle finger to the legacy?

Is this an intentional comedy or an accidental tragedy?

Do the Binge Buddies actually get to the answers on any of these questions?  Not really, but they have a ton of fun trying!!


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RERUN – Ep #117 – Friday the 13th Battle

We’re going back in time for our hiatus month for one of Bryan’s favorite battle episodes – the Friday the 13th Battle. Join Bryan, Ryan, Josh, Graham and Tony as they duke it out for Friday the 13th supremacy. It’s a fun episode and a fun walk down memory lane. Join us, won’t you?

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Friday the 13th Series Ranked

Since movies began filmmakers have been trying to scare the pants off us.

First with a train, then with a gun pointed directly at the camera, and later with a young man or woman pitted against a larger than life monster.  As these movies play out, people die, people fall in love, then die, and a hero arises, and maybe dies.  With main characters dropping left and right, producers quickly realized, people are coming more for the bad guy than the good and then… Great horror icons are born!


Through the years we’ve seen many villains come and go, yet, only a select few never fade away.  One in particular has steadily walked his way into nearly all forms of mass media.  After twelve movies, twenty some books, a TV series, countless comic book appearances, and one hugely anticipated video game, Jason Voorhees has sliced and diced his way into the hearts of millions of fans.  No matter how many different places Jason slaughters those pesky teenagers, movies are where he shines brightest.  Not all are masterpieces, one or two might be horrible, but they all have something special, something new to offer.  So I present to you, my ranking of the Friday the 13th franchise.

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