Spider-Man 2 Leaks, Lollapalooza and a Star Wars?

We’ve got the voice of Venom leaking the release date for the new Spider-Man game, an update on the supposed Star Wars movie that may or may not be still coming out, and Lollapalooza making us all feel old. What gives, yesterday?

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MCU Producer Out, Twitch Layoffs, and Other News?

Lukewarm off the presses, here’s some interesting bits of news from the day before today. We’ve got an MCU Producer leaving, Twitch laying off a lot of people, XBOX at GDC, and a Google Pixel bug that can allow you to uncrop your photos going back as much as four years. Let’s get to it.

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Episode 124: Elden Ring

Two titans of podcasting (also ATH) Bryan and Jon join us to discuss one of the best games of 2022. We review it TOGETHAAA!!!

Special thanks to sticking TOGETHA!




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Some Good Burger, Some Bad News, and Shazam?

Hope your weekend went well. We’ve got kind of a strange and sad assortment of news today, so I’m not going to be my usual sarcastic self. We’ve got a Good Burger sequel announcement, Lance Reddick dies at 60, Jirard buys up a bunch of Nintendo games before they’re delisted, and Shazam has quite underwhelming weekend.

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The Fate We Make Ep. 3: T3: Rise of the Machines (2003)

This week on another exciting episode of The Fate We Make, Bryan Dressel, Matt “Zombie Dog Robbie the Robot” Dykes, Joel “Optimus Prime” DeWitte, and Ryan “HAL” Lootens adjust their expectations to talk about the third Terminator film, ‘Rise of the Machines.’ It actually isn’t that bad of a film and as the Binge Buddies mention up top, it’s better than what’s to come.


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Ash Kicking, Pricey Magic, and True Lies?

We’ve finally made it to the end of the week and can breathe a sigh of relief as all our troubles fade into nothingness. Or that’s the hope at least. Anyway, here’s some strange news from yesterday to guide you less-than-gently into the sweet embrace of Saturday.

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Willow Canceled, Batman’s Bye Bye, and Other News!

Another day, another set of Yesterday’s News! We’ve got some fun ones for you today. First there’s something cryptic from the Snyderverse, followed by Disney canceling a show nobody watched, and then we come back around to the DCU with Ben Affleck saying bye-bye to directing in that world, and then wrapping things up with a bit of news from Nintendo.

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Playstations, Cocaine Bears, and Mike?

Good news for those who all finally got your PS5s! They’re going to make a newer, better version that you won’t be able to get until much later when they start working on the PS6. Haha. Gaming. Oh, there was a Day 1 release of a neat game if you’ve got Playstation Plus, and Cocaine Bear is now on digital for your fear, I mean enjoyment. And * checks notes * it looks like Joel is being replaced. I dunno, I thought he was a nice guy. Definitely a great addition to Binge Buddies.


Not that Joel? The other Joel? From The Last of Us?


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Mind the Messy of PsychOdyssey

Here’s a newsflash for you that is probably super obvious: game dev is messy. Like, extremely messy. It’s all chaos all the time and then suddenly WHAM, out comes a game. Even throwing super regimented and organized individuals into the fray doesn’t seem to stem the tide of just pure, unadulterated chaos. I read books like Press Reset and Blood, Sweat, and Pixels and see some of the fallout from all this chaos and I can’t help but wonder…why? Why do people subject themselves to all of this…(please don’t say chaos again…) disarray for some pretty bleep bloops?

Enter PsychOdyssey, the enlightening 32-episode documentary series about Double Fine during the creation of Psychonauts 2. You read that correctly. Thirty-two. Episodes. 2 Player Productions, the documentarians in this venture, followed Tim Schafer et al. around for seven years, recording the ups, downs, and all the diagonals of the video game creation process. And boy are there a lot of diagonals.

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Dumb Money, Racist SNES, and a Witcher Patch?

A slower news day yesterday, but no less strange. We’ve got a movie about GameStop being evil, a news report about counterfeit SNES Minis that are NSFW and extremely racist, and a next-gen Witcher 3 patch that begs the question, “where’s the next Cyberpunk update?”

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