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Casual Cartoons: 1980’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

If there’s one constant in the ATH Network, it’s that at some point Bryan and Jon will get together to talk about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and this week on the now renamed Casual Cartoons is no different. The two episodes up for discussion are Season One’s “Hot Rodding Teenagers From Dimension X” and Season Three’s “Leatherhead Meets The Rat King.” One episode has the lore, and the other has two of the most fun villains of the show going head to head. Come join our heroes in a half shell for a fun discussion that will inevitably veer off into all the other iterations of the IP. Well, except maybe the latest series…



Pandemic Picks: Future Man

It’s funny how you find new shows to watch, for example with Future Man I found it purely by accident. I put a photo up onto a Facebook group for The Expanse, the photo was of my Amazon recommendations and I was pointing out that Amazon was recommending that I watch The Expanse again. See my previous Pandemic Pick on The Expanse for reasons why I would happily watch the whole series again. However, by pure chance the cursor was actually highlighting this other show called Future Man, and several people on the group mentioned how much they enjoyed that show. So, I thought I’d give it a shot.

I’ll pre-warn you, just like I was, the show is definitely for adult only audiences. Produced by Seth Rogan and Even Goldberg the series tells the story of Josh Futturman, a twentysomething janitor who lives with his parents. He is a hardcore gamer and addicted to a game called Biotic Wars, when he completes the game he is recruited by two freedom fighters from the future, Tiger and Wolf, to help them defeat the Biotics. Does it sound a little familiar? The Last Starfighter anyone? Well the show knows that it’s ripping off it’s concept from the eighties film because it makes a joke about it immediately. The series is littered with references to various Sci-Fi films including a lot of time travel films including The Terminator and Back to the Future to name two. The font that is used for the on screen text is the same one that is used in the Terminator series.

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