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Alice in Zombieland #5: Resident Evil: Retribution (2012)

Welcome to another exciting episode of Binge Buddies, with co-hosts Bryan Dressel, Joel “Leon S. Kennedy” DeWitte, and Matt “Zombie Dog” Dykes. Our heroes have reached the second movie in what they’ve coined the “Umbrella” trilogy, as part of their “Alice in Zombieland” series. The movie this week? Resident Evil: Retribution. It’s the cinematic equivalent of eating a sandwich made of bananas “about to go” between two slices of french toast. Enjoy!


Alice in Zombieland #4: Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010)

RESIDENT EVIL….IN 3D!!!!! Bryan, Graham “Chris Redfield” Mason, and Matt “Zombie Dog” Dykes dive right into the third dimension – did we mention this was in 3D – with Resident Evil: Afterlife as part of our “Alice in Zombieland” season. And did we MENTION TO YOU THAT THIS WAS IN 3D? Anyway, Graham takes a lot of time to break down this movie. Or was it Wentworth Miller? finger guns


Alice in Zombieland #3: Resident Evil: Extinction (2007)

Hi! Our series “Alice in Zombieland” continues this week with the next movie on our list: Resident Evil: Extinction. Join us – that is, Bryan, Matt “Zombie Dog” Dykes, and Joel “William Birkin” DeWitte – as we discuss what’s either the best or the worst of the franchise. We get to see more characters from the video game franchise, and there are some reveals that are certainly something.


Alice in Zombieland #2: Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004)

Howdy! A new episode of Binge Buddies is coming at you right at this moment. Bryan, Graham “Tyrant” Mason, Joel “Nemesis” DeWitte, and Matt “Zombie Dog” Dykes are talking about the 2004 film Resident Evil: Apocalypse as part of their “Alice in Zombieland” series. Is it one of the more stupid movies in the franchise? Yes. Is it great? Also yeah. So, sit your ass down and join our intrepid adventurers as they travel through Racoon City and talk about this amazing sequel.


Alice in Zombieland #1: Resident Evil (2002)

Hi! Welcome to Binge Buddies, the big binge podcast that breaks down some of the greatest (or most fun) film and television series of all time. Still the great conversations you’ve come to expect, but with a new coat of paint. To kick things off for 2021 it’s “Alice in Zombieland,” our deep dive into the Resident Evil films starring Milla Jovovich. Naturally, we start at the beginning with 2002’s Resident Evil.

Host Bryan is joined by co-hosts Graham “Ashley Graham” Mason, Joel “Barry Burton” DeWitte, and Matt “Zombie Dog” Dykes. You’re in for one hell of a treat.