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Book Club: Fellowship of the Ring Book One – Flight to the Ford

Today we close out the first “book” in The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring and preview what comes in the second half of the first third of this epic series.


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Book Club: The Tell-Tale Heart & The Raven

This month in honor of the season we dive into one of Kelly’s favorite authors: Edgar Allan Poe! Kelly leads us through two of her favorite writings of his, his tragic past, and how they show the window into his madness.

Stories discussed: The Tell-Tale Heart & The Raven.


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Book Club: FARENHEIT 451

In today’s episode, we discuss Guy Montag and his quaint life as a fireman in a dystopian society where firemen start fires in order to burn books and any form of knowledge or conflicting viewpoints in history. Written in 1953 but set in the futuristic year of 2022, it is fitting that we have selected FARENHEIT 451 as pick-of-the-month for September. Join Joel & me as we discuss and critique this classic work.

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Book Club: A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court

After a long break we dust off the cover of A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court and dive right back into the 19th century Hank Morgan’s adventures in using his modern knowledge to tilt the acceleration of history. His exploits are fascinating, but what does the book tell us about clever trickery, using modern-day knowledge as wizardry, the application of knowledge, and how quickly people can adapt to change? 


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A Review of Stranger Things S4, Part 2

After initial worry about the second half of season 4, Stranger Things returns with a strong conclusion to the season finale. With the cast on various journeys to stop Vecna, it gives a powerful and entertaining demonstration to each individual character and their own roles in stopping Henry/One/Vecna.

From the very beginning of the season, we see some development between Steve and Nancy as they show sparks of their old romantic feelings for one another. As Nancy and Jonathan drift further apart, as we find out in a moment of dramatic irony that Jonathan decided to attend a different college than Nancy, unbeknownst to her. Just as the viewer becomes resigned to any hope of rekindling the flames of Steve and Nancy, we can see a definite foreshadowing of Nancy and Jonathan coming to an end and the romantic feelings between Nancy and Steve grow stronger throughout the season and Nancy jumping in to save Steve from the Upside Down. Though nothing officially happens between them, Eddie points out to Steve how Nancy did not hesitate to jump in after him. Nancy’s courageous act shows her love for Steve as well as her undeniable character development from a meek girl to a strong, independent woman.

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A Review of Stranger Things S4, Part 1

In the heavily-anticipated season 4 of Stranger Things, fans were able to see their favorite characters return (along with a few new faces). After a 3-year hiatus, the cast returns as high school students trying to make it in their new surroundings.

Millie Bobby Brown makes a sensational comeback as Eleven, now under her birth-given name, Jayne. She gives a fantastic performance as a normal girl struggling to fit in her new city and school while continuing her long-distance relationship with Mike Wheeler. The classic fish-out-of-water persona portrayed by El is seen to come to an ugly head when she hits the school bully in the face with a roller skate, thus demonstrating El’s struggle to focus her anger without her powers. Given all the change and growth of the characters, physically, El’s character has been surprisingly unchanged in terms of her innocence and mild manner until her realization of her friends’ peril. This is the truly pivotal moment in which Eleven turns from her sweet demeanor into the powerful force of good between the two worlds.

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Bonus Buddies: Afterthoughts Book Club – The Secret

Binge Buddies is on hiatus for now, but in the meantime come take a listen to a podcast we recommend: Afterthoughts. In it, hosts Kelly DeWitte and her husband Joel catch up on movies, T.V. shows, and books. We thought we would share their most recent episode on the book and film “The Secret,” which joins them with special guests Alex & Beth Orona. Enjoy!


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