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Alice in Zombieland: The End

Welcome to the end…..of our Alice in Zombieland series! It’s been quite a ride, and we’ve learned a lot along the way. Bryan, Joel “I Didn’t Think Of A Nickname For You” DeWitte, and Matt “Zombie Dog” Dykes are joined in spirit by Graham “Maybe a Specter?” Mason to look at the series as a whole and how it has impacted the culture at large. They also preface this finale with a look at the Monster Hunter movie, which can only be described as a continuation of the party that Resident Evil started.


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Alice in Zombieland #6: Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2016)

We did it folks! We’ve made it to the last movie in the “Alice in Zombieland” series: Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. Join our heroes Bryan Dressel, Joel “Alex Wesker” DeWitte, and Matt “Zombie Dog” Dykes as they break down a really fun conclusion that’s definitely better than the movie that came before it.