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Bad Days in Haddonfield Ep. 14: Halloween Wrap Up

This is the end…of Bad Days in Haddonfield. Bryan Dressel, Matt Dykes, Joel DeWitte, and Ryan Lootens end their deep dive into the Halloween Franchise with a series wrap up, going over favorite moments and more throughout each of the films. They also talk a bit about the next series coming up and maybe a confirmation of a future season. Don’t waste another second reading this and jump right in to this jam-packed episode!


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Bad Days in Haddonfield Ep. 13: Halloween Ends (2022)

Welcome to another pulse-pounding episode of “Bad Days in Haddonfield.” This week the Binge Buddies, comprised of Bryan Dressel, Matt “Zombie Dog Giggles” Dykes, Joel “Captain Obvious” DeWitte,  and Ryan “Comedy Central” Lootens come together to talk about “Halloween Ends,” which at the very least is better than “Kills.” That said, it’s a little of a different movie than one might expect given the advertising. Start “listening” to “see” for yourself. Oh wait.


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Bad Days in Haddonfield Ep. 12: Halloween Kills (2020)

This week on Bad Days in Haddonfield, Bryan Dressel, Matt “Zombie Dog Baby Face” Dykes, Joel “Tater Tot” DeWitte,  and Ryan “Tootsie Pop” Lootens sit down and absolutely murder the second film in the modern Halloween trilogy: Halloween Kills. Is there something that prevents the second films in this franchise from being any good? Is there some unwritten law that says the second films have to be set in a hospital? Who knows! Either way, there be fun discussion ahead.


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Bad Days in Haddonfield Ep. 11: Halloween (2018)

We’re back with a new and exciting episode of Bad Days in Haddonfield. This week Bryan Dressel, Matt “Zombie Dog Sloppy Nuts” Dykes, Joel “Minion” DeWitte,  and Ryan “Pork Chop” Lootens sit down to talk about David Gordon Green’s Halloween, which kickstarts the most recent trilogy. At least this first entry is good!


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Hugo Weaving: Mortal Engines (2018)

Unfortunately we’ve got a bit of a downgrade this week as we talk about Mortal Engines for our month of Hugo Weaving. There are things to like here, the setting being the chief among them. It’s an interesting world with some equally interesting lore, and it all looks absolutely gorgeous. Where the film loses us is with everything else. The plot is bland and at times nonsensical, and no one is giving much in the way of their performance. Hugo Weaving has almost nothing to work with here with his first draft villain Valentine, and line reads that should play with gravitas just fall flat. The leads have no chemistry, which makes the eventual “falling in love” that’s required of all YA feel like it comes out of left field. We discuss plenty more about it, but you’ll have to listen to find out what we say.



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The Other Voices: Blindspotting

Last night I watched BLINDSPOTTING.

Written by its stars, Daveed Diggs and Rafael Casal, and directed by Carlos Lopez Estrada, this 2018 film is about a black man and convicted felon at the end of his probation, trying desperately to avoid trouble in Oakland while his white best friend tries as hard as he can to start it.

I know this column, which I cruelly abandoned a few months ago with every intention of getting back to it soon (I AM going to finish my opus on 50 Shades), is supposed to be primarily about directors, so I’ll give a nod to Estrada, who cut his teeth on short films, music videos, and TV episodes before being given BLINDSPOTTING as his feature debut, so although he’s not a household name, he had a ton of experience before he walked onto this set, and this film appears to have raised his profile.

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The Other Voices: Mary Queen of Scots

Many years ago, I did a heavy research dive into Mary Queen of Scots with an idea of trying to find a good story where I could make her a badass hero. It became clear pretty quickly that this was impossibly without a lot of bullshit. She just wasn’t a great role model. She was almost always on the run either literally or metaphorically, she was easily manipulated by men specifically, she was so obsessed with her lineage that she never put the right amount of energy into being a good leader in the job she already had, and she ended up dying when she wouldn’t stop obsessing about Elizabeth, who she never actually met in person. I decided there just wasn’t a story there – not with her as the protagonist.

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