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No Wrong Time to Rock Ep. 6: Murn After Reading

Hi and welcome back to another exciting episode of No Wrong Time To Rock, our Binge Buddies retrospective on James Gunn’s Peacemaker series. It’s certainly been awhile, hasn’t it? Join Bryan Dressel,  Matt “Penguin Zombie Dog” Dykes, Joel “Tawky Tawny” DeWitte, and Alex “Vandal Savage” Orona as they bring each other up to speed on what happened before and discuss the episode at hand. What’s the name of that episode you might ask, having not looked at the title? Well, it’s “Murn After Reading.” Lots of big reveals in this week’s episode. Enjoy and thank you for your patience!


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Who What When Where and Why We Do in the Shadows: Ep 7. Baron’s Night Out

Welcome to another exciting and breathtaking episode of “Who What When Where & Why We Do in the Shadows” featuring the vocal talents of Bryan Dressel, Matt “Catherine Cat Crawfield” Dykes, Drew “John Not A Vampire At All” Staton, and Joel “Jane” DeWitte. Bask in their glory as they discuss the hilarious episode “Baron’s Night Out,” which is just an all around great piece of television. Did you catch the connection to the first episode? Anyway, enjoy!


S1E5-6: “News of Kidnapping” & “Emergency Room”

This week on the amazing Welcome to You Are Doom, Bryan is once again joined by Graham “Hooker” Mason, and Matt “Cody 2” Dykes to talk about the next two episodes of the show: “News of Kidnapping” and “Emergency Room.” They’re joined by special guest Noah “Negative Noah” Mucci, who may or may not have seen the show before and didn’t like it. It’s a whole thing.


Welcome to You Are Doom is part of the ATH Network of podcasts. 

Produced by
Bryan Dressel and Jonathan Hardesty.

Hosted by
Bryan Dressel with co-hosts Graham Mason and Matt Dykes

Artwork by
Jonathan Hardesty

Notes and research by
Jim Funicille

Edited By
Bryan Dressel, Ryan James, and Trey Johnson

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