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No Wrong Time to Rock Ep. 5: Monkey Dory

This week on another breathtaking episode of No Wrong Time to Rock Bryan Dressel, Matt “Zombie Dog Power Girl” Dykes and Alex “Larfleeze” Orona continue their deep dive into Peacemaker by talking about its fifth episode “Monkey Dory.” While not as slow as “Chode Less Traveled,” the episode still gets to breathe and we get some really good character work. The cops also feature more prominently, especially Detective Song who is really good at her job. A really good episode and an even better discussion. 

NOTE: This is the last episode before the show goes on a break through the month of July. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


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S1E5-6: “News of Kidnapping” & “Emergency Room”

This week on the amazing Welcome to You Are Doom, Bryan is once again joined by Graham “Hooker” Mason, and Matt “Cody 2” Dykes to talk about the next two episodes of the show: “News of Kidnapping” and “Emergency Room.” They’re joined by special guest Noah “Negative Noah” Mucci, who may or may not have seen the show before and didn’t like it. It’s a whole thing.


Welcome to You Are Doom is part of the ATH Network of podcasts. 

Produced by
Bryan Dressel and Jonathan Hardesty.

Hosted by
Bryan Dressel with co-hosts Graham Mason and Matt Dykes

Artwork by
Jonathan Hardesty

Notes and research by
Jim Funicille

Edited By
Bryan Dressel, Ryan James, and Trey Johnson

Original music by
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