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Pop Quiz Hot Shot: The 25th Anniversary of Speed

“There’s a bomb on a bus” -a simple statement, but one that would set the stage for the most exciting bus ride ever committed to celluloid. Not only would Speed be a rip-roaring action thriller that would get your heart racing throughout, it would also launch Keanu Reeves career into the stratosphere and pull him from the shadow of Theodore “Ted” Logan. It would go on to showcase him as a bankable action star. It would also launch Sandra Bullock’s career just as high. A film that would make major movie stars out of it’s two leads is definitely one that will leave a lasting impression, and Speed did just that.

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Episode #284 – Die Hard

This week on the podcast our pal Matt Dykes came back to the states from across the pond YET AGAIN to talk about one of his favorite movies of all time: Die Hard.

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