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Hey, Check This Out: From Here to Eternity

I haven’t been all that interested in music exploration for years now, letting that hobby languish in favor of others such as movies, videogames, television, and most recently Dungeons & Dragons. I’m not hip with the latest indie music releases, and I haven’t been to a show at the Echoplex in years. At this point, anything new I come across is strictly accidental. However, I’ve started taking an interest in older music, and I owe that completely to film. Case in point: From Here to Eternity, by Giorgio Moroder.

Came across this album via Gaspar Noé’s 2018 perverted Busby Berkeley fever-dream psychological horror film CLIMAX, which has an amazing soundtrack to go along with its delightfully alarming visuals. One track in particular stood out:

I quite enjoy the likes of Daft Punk, Justice, Ratatat, and The Chemical Brothers and all of my favorites from their works claim Giorgio as an influence, whether they explicitly state that or not. So, I decided to check out this album and start digging into this musical blind spot, and wow was I rewarded for my efforts.

From Here To Eternity came out in 1977, and it’s really cool to be able to connect the dots between the music I enjoy today with its influences. You should really check it out.

Episode #295 – House (1977)

This week on the podcast Bryan, Chewie, and Jon discuss the delightfully bonkers Japanese Horror Comedy film House, written and directed by Nobuhiko Obayashi with input by his daughter Chigumi. Truly, it’s a movie that has to be seen to be believed and it’s quite the treat. We recommend going in as blind as you can, and if you haven’t seen it before our episode, do so and then resume. We’re anxious to talk about it with you!

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A Hype to Remember : Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope (1977)

All of us here at After The Hype love Star Wars, because… well… it’s STAR WARS!

In honor of Star Wars Day (May 4th) we will be releasing one “Hype to Remember” a day to cover all 8 of the released Star Wars films!  I’ll kick things off with STAR WARS: EPISODE IV – A NEW HOPE!

Star Wars is so much more than a movie.  It’s a way of life.  I have no idea when the first time I saw Star Wars was, it’s always just been a part of me.  I wish I was around to see this trailer in theaters for the first time.  It’s such a joy to watch.

Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope (1977)



They have no idea how to market this movie!  Is it a fantasy? An action movie? They just keep telling us how great it is, then throwing in a random clip.  Clearly they didn’t have James Earl Jones voice track in yet.  They didn’t have colors on the light sabers.  The whole thing looks like a cheap 70’s sci-fi flop.  But still, somehow, looks totally amazing!  This trailer had a tough job to do, and it does it perfectly!  I can only imagine seeing this once, maybe, then seeing the finished product in theaters!  My mind would have been blown!

I love this trailer, it’s the perfect set up to the perfect movie!