Vertigo, John Wick, and Plastic Bags?

A slow news weekend, but we pulled some highlights. We’ve got a blasphemous remake of Vertigo in the works with Robert Downey Jr. maybe set to star. Shazam loses yet again to the newly released John Wick 4. Finally, those recycled plastic bags you use in stores might not be recycled. There’s not really a good way to tell.

Robert Downey Jr. in Talks to Star in Remake of Hitchcock’s Vertigo

Terrible. Just terrible. – Joel

Ditto. -Jon

‘John Wick: Chapter 4’: $73M+ Opening A Franchise Record, Best For Lionsgate In Pandemic Era – Sunday Box Office Update

John Wick CRUSHES Shazam into oblivion. -Bryan

Your grocery bag might not have been recycled

Who knew? How could you really tell? -Jon

Well, there you have it – a bite-sized look at the news from yesterday that we here at After the Hype found important. I don’t suppose you have thoughts on any of these stories, do you? Because if you did I would like to recommend you let us know over at our discord. Similarly, if you’ve found some interesting news in the wild that you would like us to share tomorrow, let us know sooner rather than later. This isn’t “Today’s News.” Sheesh.

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