Boom Bandits volume 2 cover with muscleman weight lifting.

Punks and Pixie Dynamos – Boom Bandits Volume 2 Review

A while back I reviewed a copy of Boom Bandits, and really enjoyed it. I’ve finally picked up the next volume, which was released in November 2022, and it’s an absolutely fantastic continuation of the first story.

The imagery is fantastic. The punk rocker aesthetic is dialed up to eleven and we get even more insight into the world that Bruno Stahl has developed. The story moves at breakneck speed, and the characters are unique and interesting. Characters we met in the first issue return, and we’re introduced to a few new faces as well.

The idea of a world where natural childbirth is considered high treason is interesting to me, especially juxtaposed with the advent of “designer babies.” If you’ve got the money, why not pay to have your children’s genetic makeup altered to perfection, right? Whilst not fully explored in this issue, the comic does a good job of laying the groundwork for the future and I hope it’s payed off in future issues.

I don’t really want to spoil things too much so I will just say that I highly recommend Volume 2 to both returning fans and to anyone who wants a punky, off the wall dystopian story to really sink their teeth into. It’s a stark and stylish experience that recalls the heyday of 2000 AD. For an indie comic it feels like so much more. The black and white imagery looks like less of a necessity and more of a stylistic choice. Which is it? Who gives a shit? It looks amazing!

I wait with baited breath for what I imagine will be an epic conclusion to the trilogy.

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