Gramps and Guttersnipes: A Review of Boom Bandits

We’ve all heard the term, OK boomer, used as a pejorative towards someone who is spouting a view that isn’t very progressive. But what would happen if the “boomers” of the world were able to live forever and us young, bloody millennials, were destined to die before the age of 40? This is a world that is explored in the new Indie comic series Boom Bandits.

Written and illustrated by Bruno Stahl, Boom Bandits is a dystopian, cyberpunk, social commentary mash up that takes place in a world after a cult was able to perfect a cure to aging, but it was only available to cult members. From this they built a society built on privilege where people who did not fit into their way of thinking were discarded to the ruins of the old world. These discarded people, labelled Guttersnipes, are made up of free thinking progressives who have no choice but to live in poverty in Scar City.

Having read the first issue I am really intrigued by the world that is being built. There are subtle hints dropped in around this Agenic Therapy and how it works which I hope is explored in more detail in further issues. It has a real post apocalyptic dystopia feeling to it and it’s take on “old vs young” is one that feels fresh and new. The first part features commentary on things which I hope are further explored later, and it ended on a cliffhanger which made me want to come back for more.

I am a big fan of the artwork throughout the comic. It is reminiscent of the early 2000 AD comics, especially the Judge Dredd stories. The black and white imagery is wonderful throughout, and the different style immediately informs you what part of the society you’re following. The use of fake adverts throughout makes it feel like you’re really in the world. There is a surprise cameo appearance in the advert for tours of Scar City which really made me chuckle.

Overall, I would recommend Boom Bandits to readers who are looking for something new and different to sink their teeth into. I for one cannot wait for the next issue.

Boom Bandits is available to buy on Amazon and the first 5 pages are available to download for free here:

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