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Who What When Where and Why We Do in the Shadows: Ep 11. Ancestry

Welcome back to another exciting episode of Who What When Where and Why We Do in the Shadows. This week our intrepid hosts Bryan Dressel, Joel “Dracula” DeWitte, Matt “Zombie Dog, Lestat de Lioncourt” Dykes, and Drew “Eli” Staton take on the season one finale: “Ancestry.” While it might not be as strong as some of the previous episodes, there’s a lot of great pay offs and it sets up some interesting avenues for the following seasons. If you haven’t started watching the show and following along, now’s the time to do so.


S1 E9-10: “The Odd Couple” & “Flowers for Nearl”

Welcome to another exciting edition of Welcome To You Are Doom: A Frisky Dingo Podcast. Bryan Dressel, Graham “Dotty Bunch” Mason, and Matt “Torpedo Vegas” Dykes come together via the internets to bring you hearty discussion of the episodes “The Odd Couple” and “Flowers for Nearl.” If ever there was a time to start listening it’s now. Spoiler alert: one of these episodes might be Bryan’s favorite of the series.


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