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Tip of My Brain: Guess The Movie For 6/01/17

Want to play a game? We here at After The Hype want you to guess the movie based on the still we picked.

We like movie games over here at ATH HQ, and want to play one with you. We’ve got a variety of movie stills that we’ve acquired over the years and we want you to guess which movie they’re from. We’ll start them out pretty easy, but then ramp up the difficulty throughout the week. Think of it like the crosswords in your local paper.


We’re almost to the weekend, so hang in there. You can do it! While you’re waiting to party it up this weekend, give our latest TIP OF MY BRAIN a shot. Think you know the movie? Let’s see just how much of a movie buff you are!


Let’s play!





5/31/17 SOLUTION: THE REVENANT! | 6/02/17 IMAGE!