New Harry Potter Series, Overwatch Hero, and XBOX Controller?

Some controversial and interesting announcements make up Yesterday’s News. First we’ve got the ever-increasing possibility of a Harry Potter TV series with oversight from J.K. Rowling. We’ve got a new Overwatch hero announcement. And then to wrap things up we’ve got an announcement about a new XBox Controller made from recycled materials. Neat.

This week in projects no one asked for!

I’m sure redoing the whole thing as a TV series is a great plan that many will love.  No one ever gets upset by Harry Potter stuff!  Especially if they involve JK Rowling! -Bryan

Newest Overwatch Hero Announced, available April 11th.

Activision Blizzard released a new trailer for their latest hero in Overwatch 2.  Lifeweaver is the newest support character with a nature focus including abilities such as sprouting Giant healing trees and clever tools like being able to pull teammates away from dangerous spots.  Lifeweaver will be available starting April 11th with a limited time availability to play before he’s sent into the battle pass vault. -Joel

Newest Xbox controller made with recyclable materials

Microsoft has revealed their latest controller that strives to be a greener accessory.  The Remix Special Edition sports a dark green hue and a post consumer recycled resin that is produced with reclaimed materials like automotive headlight covers, plastic water jugs, and CDs.  Glad someone could put my old Nickelback albums to good use. -Joel

Well, there you have it – a bite-sized look at the news from yesterday that we here at After the Hype found important. I don’t suppose you have thoughts on any of these stories, do you? Because if you did I would like to recommend you let us know over at our discord. Similarly, if you’ve found some interesting news in the wild that you would like us to share tomorrow, let us know sooner rather than later. This isn’t “Today’s News.” Sheesh.

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