Ranking the MCU Through Phase 4

Now that Phase 4 is totally wrapped up and phase 5 is set to start this week, I thought it would be an excellent time to rank ALL OF THE MCU!  As a constant critic of all things Marvel, my list might differ from some. Still, I can honestly say I don’t think they have released a truly bad product yet. Even if your favorite is way down the list, remember even at its worst, MCU delivers entertaining movies.  So let’s get to it!

Note this list will only consider things that are still canon, so no Netflix shows or Agents of Sheild.

  1. Thor Love & Thunder- as I said, no Marvel movie is truly bad, but this is as close as you get.
  2. She-Hulk – wanted to love it, started to love it, stopped loving it, and now don’t like it much
  3. Falcon and the Winter Soldier- woof, this was a chore to watch.  When it’s good it’s amazing… otherwise… 
  4. Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness- when its a Sam Raimi movie it’s great, when it’s not… well its not.
  5. Werewolf by Night- fun little special, nothing much here though
  6. Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special – ever so slightly more fun little special, nothing much here though
  7. Loki – It was fine.  Stop it, you know I’m right
  8. What if…? – as fine as Loki, but took bigger swings
  9. Ms. Marvel – GREAT start, okay rest.  Would have been a better movie
  10. Moon Knight- I want more Moon Knight in my Moon Knight
  11. Hawkeye – Fun show, loved getting Kingpin back.  Again… would have been a better movie
  12. Wandavision AKA “all tease no climax”
  13. Eternals – What if Marvel made a DC movie?
  14. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings – The quintessential showing of MCU CGI nonsense ruining what could be an amazing movie.
  15. Black Widow – So much good, but way too late, so it just feels useless
  16. Captain America Civil War:  There are so many amazing ways to tell this story.  Civil War could have been an entire phase as far as I’m concerned.  But they instead jam it all into one overstuffed movie, with an ending that damn near undoes all the conflict that just happened.  I wanted my damn Captain America 3!!! Not Avengers 2.5!
  17. Iron Man 2 – Far too concerned with promoting what’s to come that its villain is swallowed whole
  18. Spider-Man No Way Home – If I only ever saw it in a theater it would be in my top 10… but unfortunately, I also watched it at home, and applause breaks in a movie are stupid.  And it’s way too clear that no one was on set together.
  19. Iron Man 3 – Did you see Avengers?  DID YOU?????
  20. Spider-Man Far From Home- The only reason this is above NWH is that Mysterio fight.  I love it so much I forget how bland the rest of the movie is
  21. Black Panther Wakanda Forever- Best of Phase 4 hands down, still has way too many issues to break too far from the pack… as you can tell by the list so far…
  22. Spider-Man Homecoming – Tons of great ideas and performances, the movie just feels hollow to me. 
  23. Thor The Dark World – This movie takes a beating every time it comes up.  I don’t know man, it just works for me.  It’s not great, but like a bag of hour-old french fries, good enough
  24. The Incredible Hulk – I honestly love this movie.  I love Edward Nortans Bruce, I love the story, and I love the showdown at the end.  But I know what I’m watching.
  25. Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2 – Another case of when it works, it REALLY WORKS.  There are some all-time great moments in this one but as a whole package its rough around the edges for sure.
  26. Ant-Man and the Wasp-  A movie that doesn’t try too hard, and is willing to be silly fun!
  27. Ant-Man – A movie that doesn’t try too hard, and is willing to be silly fun!
  28. Avengers The Age of Ultron – I can watch this over and over for Spader’s Ultron, he is so perfect!  And the rest of the movie is there too I guess!
  29. Doctor Strange – A solid, if formulaic, origin story.
  30. Captain Marvel – On first viewing, I was over the moon for this movie.  I still watch it all the time.  But it has a bit of an aimless quality that keeps it from being too much higher in my list
  31. Thor – What a fun movie!  It feels like a ton was left on the wall of the writer’s room and they had to make a lot of changes to meet their budget.  But with the knowledge of where he eventually ends up, this sets up the best character arc of the MCU… until L&T ruined it.
  32. The Avengers – This movie changed the world of cinema forever.  And it’s pretty good!  
  33. Black Panther – Another case of CGI bullshit ruining what should be a great movie.  If it wasn’t for the horrible cartoon rhinos and last battle sequences this would be a top 5 MCU movie for sure
  34. Captain America The First Avenger – This movie is like a blast from the past.  It feels like the Marvel version of an Indiana Jones movie, and I love every bit of it
  35. Thor Ragnarok- as good as Love & Thunder is bad
  36. Guardians of the Galaxy – This movie is pure joy on the screen.  This is a gift that keeps giving every time I go back. 
  37. Iron Man – No MCU with no Iron Man, and it put its best foot forward.  Still today very few movies can even attempt to be as good as this one.  Perfect casting with RDJ and to think they originally said no to him!!
  38. Avengers: Endgame – This movie feels more like a victory lap than a movie, but still manages to pull off being a damn good movie.  
  39. Avengers: Infinite War – This is the MCUs Empire Strikes Back, and it’s nearly as good as that too.  This a long movie that flies by at breakneck speed while never feeling rushed.  And leaves you with the harshest of cliffhangers, that if we already didn’t know half the dead character already were shooting sequels really would have been insane!  But because of that… it just can’t quite beat out my number one…
  40. Captain America The Winter Soldier – This felt like the start of the MCU truly evolving into a powerhouse of movies.  Take the MCU and throw it in a different genre, this time 70’s style spy thriller.  And it worked so incredibly well! This movie is one of my absolute favorite spy movies!  And it took the character of Black Widow who I wasn’t a fan of and made her into something amazing!  I can’t get enough of this movie and am still bummed no other MCU really followed its example.

There you have it!  Love my list?  Hate it? Sound off in the comments and on our discord!  I’ll update again at the end of Phase 5!

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