Pandemic Picks: Schitt’s Creek

With the final season wrapping up, I hope that you are unlike me.  You, the clever viewer, have been watching and enjoying this gem of a show for years.  You’re not a crazy person like me. Schitt’s Creek is, of course, your favorite show. No?


This is one of the funniest, heartfelt, and truly amazing shows of the past decade.  And something this sincere is more than a little needed in these insane times. The Rose family was an insanely wealthy Canadian family when one of their employees screwed them over, and they lost everything.  Well, everything except one tiny town, the aforementioned Schitt’s Creek, that Johnny Rose bought for his son as a joke. The town’s mayor, Roland Schitt, sets up the family in a little motel as a place to live… the rest is history.

This is one of the rare shows that I want to say as little as possible about, you just need to watch it.  It’s not that the story is anything shocking or new. It’s the world they build, how the characters grow and change, and just how incredibly heartfelt it all is, that makes this show the beautiful thing that it is. 

Seriously… go watch it.

And now, with zero explanation: PURE JOY

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