A Hype to Remember: Mass Effect 3

If I could only play one game series for the rest of my life, that series would be Mass Effect.


I’ve been playing a ton of Mass Effect Andromeda, and I can’t shake the feeling that this isn’t Mass Effect. Yes the characters designs are there, they say the right words, and it all looks very Mass Effecty. But it just doesn’t capture that feeling that the original trilogy did. This has to be partly on me right? Maybe I’m not giving this game the a fair shake. But I just don’t feel that excitement I had when ME3 was coming out. Son of Krogan I was excited for that game!


I have to watch that trailer again!

MASS EFFECT 3 (2012)



My response: I don’t give a shit if I’m not giving this game the fair shake, that 3 min trailer has me wanting to jump back in the Normandy and take the fight to the Reapers! I know that games ends like a wet fart, but I don’t care. The moment you see the Reaper coming down reflected in the little girl’s eye, is flat out amazing! I must avenge her and TAKE EARTH BACK!!!


In short that game may be only okay, but man, even 5 years later that trailer still gets me pumped. I will keep playing and try to enjoy ME:A… but…


I miss my space hamster…


Mass Effect Space Hamster


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