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That Wasn’t The F**king Plan: Suicide Squad (2016)

This week in our month of “That Wasn’t The FF&#king Plan” we’re talking about the David Ayer film Suicide Squad. The David Ayer film Suicide Squad is what we’re talking about this week as we deep dive into films that weren’t part of the FF&#king Plan.” As we dive into movies that didn’t turn out the way they were planned, we thought it would be proper to talk about the David Ayer film Suicide Squad.

Okay, I think that hammers home the point that Suicide Squad takes forever to get out of its introduction and never gets fully out of its own ass. Oh yeah, we brought in our Matt Dykes to help us talk about the absolute “trash fire” film Suicide Squad. We have a lot of fun, but there’s no more time for these shownotes so just know we tear the movie a new asshole. Cheers.



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The Men In Black Sequel We Never Got (And Still Need)

Men in Black is one of the best Hollywood blockbusters ever made. Director Barry Sonnenfeld and writer Ed Solomon spun an obscure comic book into a ridiculously fun piece of popcorn entertainment bursting with imagination and humor. Stars Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith gave new life to the tired tropes of a mentor who’s seen it all before and a cocky rookie eager to prove himself. The film ends with Jones relaxing in semi-permanent retirement while Smith continues forward with experience to back up his swagger.


Audiences were primed for more adventures.

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Least-Worst Comic Book Movies of 2016

Hey everyone! Ryan here, emerging from the Comic Corner to bring you 2016’s TOP 7 LEAST-WORST COMIC BOOK MOVIES.


To keep it from being any longer, I only included the live action theatrical releases, so no mention of Batman: The Killing Joke on this list. They were easy to rank at the top, but the rest were engaged in a nosedive race to the bottom.


I gave it my best shot anyway, enjoy!


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