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Episode #249 – A Quiet Place

Shhh! This week we’re not talking about A Quiet Place. I mean, we are, but non-verbally. That’s not true either, because this is a podcast and podcasts are primarily audio. Friend of the show Elliot Campos joins us to discuss the film and discuss what worked, and boy does a lot of this work!



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The Men In Black Sequel We Never Got (And Still Need)

Men in Black is one of the best Hollywood blockbusters ever made. Director Barry Sonnenfeld and writer Ed Solomon spun an obscure comic book into a ridiculously fun piece of popcorn entertainment bursting with imagination and humor. Stars Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith gave new life to the tired tropes of a mentor who’s seen it all before and a cocky rookie eager to prove himself. The film ends with Jones relaxing in semi-permanent retirement while Smith continues forward with experience to back up his swagger.


Audiences were primed for more adventures.

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Episode #147 – 4th of July Battle

HAPPY PATRIOTISM DAY! I mean, Happy 4th of July! We’ve got another epic battle episode featuring films that either involve the 4th of July, evoke the patriotism of the holiday, or just plain take us back to more innocent summers watching fireworks and playing ball! We’re joined by return guest Elliot Campos and super special guest Brock Walters. Which film is the best? Listen and find out!


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Episode #140 – X-Men: The Last Stand Vs. Origins: Wolverine

We’re joined by special guests Coy Jandreau and Elliot Campos to talk two of perhaps the worst X-Men films out there – X-MEN: THE LAST STAND & X-MEN: ORIGINS: WOLVERINE – all in celebration of hopefully NOT the worst X-Men film coming out! For our breakdown we make both Coy and Elliot take a film and give us the synopsis. The whole episode is so epic we had to run a little on the long side. Enjoy!


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