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Episode #287 – Avengers: Endgame

We finally did it. We reached the end of the MCU…or at least our desire to talk about these movies in podcast form. This Endgame in both film and podcast tradition has been a long time coming and we brought back Samantha Garrison from the Sam Wise podcast to help us bring this saga to a close.

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Least-Worst Comic Book Movies of 2016

Hey everyone! Ryan here, emerging from the Comic Corner to bring you 2016’s TOP 7 LEAST-WORST COMIC BOOK MOVIES.


To keep it from being any longer, I only included the live action theatrical releases, so no mention of Batman: The Killing Joke on this list. They were easy to rank at the top, but the rest were engaged in a nosedive race to the bottom.


I gave it my best shot anyway, enjoy!


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