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The Week in Review: 2/21/21-2/27/21

Kind of got out of the habit of writing these. Shame. SHAME. Anyway, Binge Buddies is in full swing with its “Alice in Zombieland” series. They’re on the third one and having a blast. Brok and pal Charriii5 sit down to talk about the importance of accessibility in gaming, which you need to listen to ASAP. Last week’s Demon Dayz is a good one and full of fun banter. What else is new, am I right? And then things take a dark turn in this week’s Behind the Hype as Bryan and I discuss the dark and twisted Suicide Club from director Sion Sono. Just…yeah. Go watch it and join our discussion.

Before we jump into this week at a glance, I’d like to draw your attention to a few different ways you can engage with us and discuss the episodes below or anything else in pop culture that may interest you.

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Pandemic Picks: The Expanse

I’ll be honest, I was of two minds on whether I would do a Pandemic Pick on The Expanse or not because I know at some point it’s going to be the subject of one of my deep dives. Probably when it’s all over and I can do a proper retrospective on the series. However, this is what I am currently watching at the moment and I’m absolutely loving it, more so on the second viewing as well.

Whenever I recommend this show to anyone the first thing they ask me is, “What’s it about?” Well, that’s difficult to explain without spoiling it because the way the story unfolds is you are thrown into this world and are basically left to catch up with what is happening. I love that about a series though, it treats us like an adult, it says here is the world that you’re going to be in for this series but don’t worry you’ll catch up. The way the story unfolds sets up more and more of the events and situations that govern the world this story takes place in. It feels weird referring to it as a world when the series setting is the Solar System, not one specific world.

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