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Who What When Where and Why We Do in the Shadows: Ep 8. The Trial

Hello ladies and gents, this week on Who What When Where and Why We Do in the Shadows Bryan Dressel, Matt “Zombie Dog Viago” Dykes, Joel “Tilda” DeWitte, and Drew “Paul” Staton talk about the episode “The Trial,” which features an insane level of vampire cameos. Like, everyone they wanted to get…they got. It also smashes you in the face with a lot of information about the scope of the show and what’s possible. Is it the greatest episode of the bunch? Well, maybe? You’ll have to listen to find out what the gang thinks.


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S1 E7-8: “Meet Antagone” & “Blind Faith”

Welcome to another week of “Welcome to You Are Doom: A Frisky Dingo Podcast,” with your hosts Bryan Dressel, Graham “Darcel Jones” Mason, and Matt “Carter Hawkins” Dykes. This time around the gang discusses Ep 7 “Meet Antagone” and Ep. 8 “Blind Faith.” Instead of breakdowns they go through the episodes chronologically and have a great time in the process. And really, that’s what matters the most, isn’t it?


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