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More Moana, Street Fighter, and Game of Thrones?

Been a bit of a slow few days, but here’s some news that I would classify under the category of “Again?” Moana is back, but this time it’s live action and The Rock will star as every character. The Street Fighter rights go to Legendary so we’ll get another movie whether we are interested or not. And finally, a new possible Game of Thrones prequel thing to release before Winds of Winter. We’re…NEVER…getting Winds of Winter.

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James and the Giant Problem

Being a fan can really suck sometimes.  You find something which speaks to you on a level you yourself don’t fully understand, it brings you joy.  You start buying stuff related to it.  You own the movies, the comics, you watch the videos of the games because you don’t have time to play them all.  It becomes part of your identity, loving anything even remotely related to it.  You see more people start loving it, or maybe they already did, and people with money notice.  Now they start pumping serious money into it. The real test begins, do enough people love it for the same reasons you do?  If so, you are in luck, you are going to be getting so much content you won’t be able to keep up, I promise.  If not…well, then you are in a tight spot.  God help you if the general audience doesn’t just “not care” but actively condemns what you love.  Now you can get ready for an onslaught of, you’re wrong, I don’t trust your opinion, and the general assumption that you don’t know what you are talking about.

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