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More Moana, Street Fighter, and Game of Thrones?

Been a bit of a slow few days, but here’s some news that I would classify under the category of “Again?” Moana is back, but this time it’s live action and The Rock will star as every character. The Street Fighter rights go to Legendary so we’ll get another movie whether we are interested or not. And finally, a new possible Game of Thrones prequel thing to release before Winds of Winter. We’re…NEVER…getting Winds of Winter.

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The Complex History of the Chosen One

Emily Blake explains why being picked by destiny is an inferior story choice.


I don’t believe in destiny or soul mates or any kind of predetermined fate of any kind. I’m willing to accept that maybe the force is real. Maybe karma. But free will is my jam, so movies about “The Chosen One” are always a bit problematic in my mind. Here’s a person who never earned anything being protected by all the people who are doing the real labor, on the promise that this person will live up to some vague premonition they’ve all decided to risk their lives for. It’s not a great lesson about life, even if it is a nice fantasy to imagine that the Powers That Be have given us someone to save us all with their magical gifts.


I love when being The Chosen One is earned. I hate when it’s a birthright. And now, some examples:

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