Dumb Money, Racist SNES, and a Witcher Patch?

A slower news day yesterday, but no less strange. We’ve got a movie about GameStop being evil, a news report about counterfeit SNES Minis that are NSFW and extremely racist, and a next-gen Witcher 3 patch that begs the question, “where’s the next Cyberpunk update?”

Sony’s GameStop Short Squeeze Film ‘Dumb Money’ Sets Fall Release

Dumb Money, the movie based off of the GameStop stock short squeeze spree of 2021 has gotten a release date of October 20th. Without getting technical, “shorting” a stock means betting it will go down in value. One redditor found out they were shorted over 100% (should be technically impossible, thanks unfettered Wall Street!), then he and other redditors bought up stock which forced a steep price increase and birthed dumb memes like diamond hands and to the moon. Instead of looking at r/wallstreetbets to see how many people lost their shirt buying too late, watch this movie. -Joel

Counterfeit SNES Classic Minis include hidden sexist, racist, and other content inappropriate for children.

Ever walk by a mall kiosk (I know I know, “what’s a mall?”) and see those knock-off mini consoles that tout having hundreds of classic games on them? Turns out beyond not being officially licensed by Nintendo, these game machines include a litany of games that are grotesquely inappropriate for, well, everyone. It’s worth seeing the full story that NBC News published for more. -Joel

New Witcher 3 Next-Gen Patch Improves Console Performance Mode Among Other Fixes

Okay, but like, where’s the big 1.7 patch for Cyberpunk 2077? When are we getting Phantom Liberty? -Jon

Well, there you have it – a bite-sized look at the news from yesterday that we here at After the Hype found important. I don’t suppose you have thoughts on any of these stories, do you? Because if you did I would like to recommend you let us know over at our discord. Similarly, if you’ve found some interesting news in the wild that you would like us to share tomorrow, let us know sooner rather than later. This isn’t “Today’s News.” Sheesh.

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