Oscars? Mario Boots? Cocaine Shark?

I, Jon from ATH Network, completely missed that the Oscars happened this past weekend. Like, I was surprised while compiling the stories for today’s post. Anyway, it sounds like the best film dominated and that’s a-okay with me. Of course, other stuff happened over the weekend and I GUESS we’ll share those with you below.

(Oh yeah, that thumbnail of King Shark from the hilarious James Gunn romp Suicide Squad? Seemed fitting for a news story about a cocaine shark.)

‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ Dominates Oscars With Seven Wins, Including Best Picture (Full Winners List)

Super rich people got together to hand out gold statues to each other! -Bryan

Mario Boots IRL

You can now have Mario’s boots IRL. -Brok

‘Cocaine Shark’ trailer: Watch the chaotic introduction to ‘Jaws’ on drugs

I would bet they spent $50 on this film… -Matt

New Gameplay Footage from Robocop: Rogue City

This looks like the Robocop sequel we should have gotten. I’d definitely buy that for a dollar! -Matt

Break!! is an absolutely stunning fantasy RPG inspired by Zelda and Ghibli, a decade in the making

As the RPG guy of ATH Network I would be lying if I said this didn’t interest me greatly. Will be curious to see how the kickstarter develops and what kind of pricing scheme they’re going for. -Jon

Well, there you have it – a bite-sized look at the news from yesterday that we here at After the Hype found important. I don’t suppose you have thoughts on any of these stories, do you? Because if you did I would like to recommend you let us know over at our discord. Similarly, if you’ve found some interesting news in the wild that you would like us to share tomorrow, let us know sooner rather than later. This isn’t “Today’s News.” Sheesh.

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