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Playstations, Cocaine Bears, and Mike?

Good news for those who all finally got your PS5s! They’re going to make a newer, better version that you won’t be able to get until much later when they start working on the PS6. Haha. Gaming. Oh, there was a Day 1 release of a neat game if you’ve got Playstation Plus, and Cocaine Bear is now on digital for your fear, I mean enjoyment. And * checks notes * it looks like Joel is being replaced. I dunno, I thought he was a nice guy. Definitely a great addition to Binge Buddies.


Not that Joel? The other Joel? From The Last of Us?


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Oscars? Mario Boots? Cocaine Shark?

I, Jon from ATH Network, completely missed that the Oscars happened this past weekend. Like, I was surprised while compiling the stories for today’s post. Anyway, it sounds like the best film dominated and that’s a-okay with me. Of course, other stuff happened over the weekend and I GUESS we’ll share those with you below.

(Oh yeah, that thumbnail of King Shark from the hilarious James Gunn romp Suicide Squad? Seemed fitting for a news story about a cocaine shark.)

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