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Episode #282 – Chucky Dundee 2

This week on the podcast it’s just Bryan and Chewie talking about two sequels that don’t hold up nearly as much on rewatch. That’s right, they’re talking about Child’s Play 2 and Crocodile Dundee 2. Out of the two, the Child’s Play sequel fares better, but it’s interesting how each continues their respective “franchise.” A fun episode all around, and one you won’t want to miss!

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Episode #281 – Halloween (2018)

This week on the podcast we talk about the sequel to the first Halloween movie, which is also called Halloween. Not confusing in the slightest! There’s a lot to like here, if you can get over the movie doing that annoying thing where it negates all the other sequels. Jamie Lee Curtis is back and in full Sarah Connor mode and guys, it really works. You’ll want to join us for this one.

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Why I’m Hooked On Horror

Guest columnist Michaela Bayas walks us through the horror films that made her fall in love with the genre!


The first movie I remember being so scary it kept me up at night was Signs. I know that’s not, according to the world, a scary movie. But to be fair, I was only eight when that it came out, and I already had problems sleeping at night because I was (am) weird. After graduating high school, finishing Navy boot camp and A-school, and moving out of the country, I decided I was ready to take on horror movies. Little did I know, it would be a dive into my now favorite genre.


So there I was, living in Navy barracks in Rota, Spain. A nOOb to life and the Navy. I saw a story about Ed and Lorraine Warren and one of the many hauntings they investigated. This, oh man, this was right up my alley. You see, my mom got me big into ghost hunting shows in high school. In fact, we watched one, Paranormal State, in which Lorraine appeared many times. You can say what you want about demons and the Warren stories, but I like that shit. Anyway, it was time! One of their stories is now a two-hour movie, and I must see it!

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