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The Other Voices: The Kids Are Alright

Sexuality is a spectrum. You can be homosexual or heterosexual, bisexual or pansexual, heteroflexible, homoflexible…. That’s your business. And there are subsets of sexuality that describe HOW you feel attraction, not just who you’re attracted to: megasexual, demisexual, asexual, graysexual…. The list goes on. Some people choose not to identify at all, but all of these identities are valid, and sometimes fluid as we grow and change throughout our lives.

In the last couple of years since I became polyamorous, I’ve become more and more interested in the wide spectrum of sexuality and relationship styles, which is why my partner recently recommended I watch the 2010 film directed and written by Lisa Cholodenko, THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT.

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Episode #245 – Avengers: Infinity War

This week we’re talking about the big franchise event of the year, featuring a stellar cast and the culmination of years’ worth of buildup. It’s Infinity War! Get ready to see your favorite characters experience CONSEQUENCES and possibly exit the franchise…except not really because holy frick did the upcoming release slate spoil who lives, and this is Marvel we’re talking about so….



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