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Behind The Hype

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Matt Dykes

Matt is a huge film and TV buff who studied film and moving image production at university. In his spare time he enjoys reading comics and books, the occasional gaming session and writing novels.

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Emily Blake

Emily Blake writes screenplays with lots of fight scenes. She is a vocal advocate for feminism, polyamory, kink, and sex positivity. She makes most of her money as a script supervisor for film and television, but she also makes cosplays for clients out of her little apartment in Los Angeles.

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Jonathan Hardesty

Writer/Creator/Web Guy for After the Hype. Created an animated fantasy webseries called Flagon. GM for Demon Dayz: An Actual Play Podcast, which you can conveniently find here on

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Bryan Dressel

Bryan is the Host and Producer of After the Hype. He loves talking. About everything. But mostly Batman, Star Wars and Green Lantern. He also lives in Los Angeles and works in TV Post Production

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Venture Bros

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Welcome to You Are Doom A Frisky Dingo Podcast

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Samantha Garrison

Samantha Garrison belongs to a Saint Bernard named Laddi, so her life is an endless stream of drool. She believes in Ewoks, the true saviors of the galaxy far far away, Tilda Swinton, and a world without Jurassic Park sequels.

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Sam Wise

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Ryan James

Ryan is a sound engineer in Los Angeles, focusing on Production Sound for Film and TV. He's an avid video game player, comic book reader, and all-around collector of nerd culture.

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After Thoughts Podcast

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Kelly DeWitte

Kelly is an English teacher and a wife and mother of 2 boys who loves reading and writing. She decided to join After the Hype to share her thoughts and feelings about the latest and (no-so) greatest shows, movies, and games.

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Chewie Darsow

I'm a Filmmaker, Set Decorator and Rat lover. So I like telling stories, making things pretty and small fuzzy animals. My life in a nutshell.

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Elliot Campos

Elliot Campos (@elliotscampos) is a writer living in Los Angeles. He writes, directs and edits the Beyond School audio-play and previously co-hosted the Superhero Sampler podcast. Both shows are available on iTunes.

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Christopher Ortiz

Christopher Ortiz is post-production coordinator in Los Angeles who dreams of one day taking over the world. In the mean time, his interests are all things nerd, but mostly comic books, movies, and history.

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Michaela Bayas

Michaela Bayas is a Navy veteran, a world traveler, and now, a college student. She’s a badass chick married to an awesome dude and raising a great dog. She thinks she’s a stand-up comedian, but she’s just got above-average wit and enjoys making herself, and sometimes others, laugh.

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Amanda Lawson

+4 redhead bonus for all saving throws.

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Johnny Recher

Member of the Director’s Guild of America. Seeker of Eldritch Truth. Roller of Dice. Collector of Weird Taxidermy.

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Beth Ketchum

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Jandy Hardesty

Jandy is especially drawn to classic, off-beat, and foreign film, but loves a good blockbuster action sequence, too. When not watching movies, you’ll probably find her reading books or playing with her kids.

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Paul Landri

Paul Landri is a fledgling novelist who does human services work in beautiful Atlanta, Georgia. When he isn't busy saving the world he is an amateur voice actor, Tiki enthusiast, Jazz, and cigar guy and dog lover. He is married to a marine biologist and he thinks that is the coolest thing ever.

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