Knuckles, Dimes, AI and Venture Bros?

Hey! We’re back with our news post series, albeit a bit revised. We’re going weekly instead of daily, and we’re adding more news stories. So, less and more at the same time. Yay! Now sit back and take a gander at all the stories that are Old News Now!

A Shit Load of Dimes

Police are on the look out for Mel Brooks, someone must be going through a toll in the desert, cuz that’s a SHIT LOAD of dimes! -Bryan

Sega acquiring Rovio Studios for €706 Million EUR

Anyone remember there was an Angry Birds movie? Time for a sequel? – Joel

Sonic the Hedgehog’s Knuckles Spin-Off Show Casts Game of Thrones’ Rory McCann and More

All the best on these spin-offs, but mannnnn do I really hate this trend. -Jon

Bungie takes aim at Destiny 2 cheaters using “third-party peripherals”

Hm. An interesting problem when approaching cheating with accessibility in mind. -Jon


Sir/ma’am…this is an Arbys. -Jon

Superman Legacy: Pre-production officially starts on James Gunn’s superhero epic

Superman is coming! -Bryan

AI Produced Drake and The Weekend Song Pulled From Streaming Platforms

In the latest sign of AI horror shows, a song featuring artificially produced vocals from Drake & The Weekend has been caught and in the process of being taken down by Universal Music Group. Be wary of estates claiming to have unreleased music moving forward. – Joel

Venture Brothers movie is coming!!!

I’m too fucking excited!!!?? -Bryan

Taylor Swift didn’t sign $100 million FTX sponsorship because she was the only one to ask about unregistered securities, lawyer says

Intrigued and amused by this story. -Jon

Well, there you have it – a nice snapshot of the news stories that interested us this past week. I don’t suppose you have thoughts on any of these stories, do you? Because if you did I would like to recommend you let us know over at our discord. Similarly, if you’ve found some interesting news in the wild that you would like us to share on Fridays, let us know sooner rather than later.

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